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Colorbond Re-roofing Ringwood

One of the most important aspects of preserving your home and keeping your family safe from the weather is having a well-designed and professionally built roof. Although certain roofing issues can be resolved quickly, reroofing is sometimes necessary, if not critical. Re-roofing entails securely removing your old roof or damaged section and replacing it with a brand new one. Re-roofing is usually done when the current roof’s damage is too severe to repair and the cost of doing so is too high. ELR Plumbing, metal roofers Ringwood, will remove your old tiled, iron, or asbestos roof and replace it with Bluescope Zincalume or Colorbond, giving your Ringwood house a lovely new look while also eliminating all of your previous roofing issues. Whether it’s a repair or a re-roofing in Ringwood, our quality control guarantees that all necessary building permissions are secured and followed.


Some roofers will cut corners or neglect to pay attention to the finer points of roof installation. Before we get into the stages for replacing your roof, it’s important to understand that professional roof installation is critical for maintaining your roof investment. The following are the fundamental processes for replacing a roof in Ringwood:

  • All roofing materials are delivered to your home in Ringwood. 
  • Vehicles and other obstructions must be removed from the premises. 
  • Protect the rest of the home by putting up tarps or other protective covering. 
  • Old roofing will be removed. 
  • Gutters and Downpipes must be cleared of debris. 
  • Official roof installation begins. 
  • Clean-up after installation. 
  • Double-checking to assure everything is done perfectly. 


Roof care is inspecting all vulnerable locations on a roof that could develop a problem on a regular basis. Annual, biannual, or quarterly maintenance will be required depending on the type of roof, whether residential or commercial. Inspections, general roof repairs, debris removal, gutter cleaning, and mould eradication are all examples of roof maintenance. Ringwood roofing contractors like ELR Plumbing can help you identify if your roof need maintenance. They can come out and assess your property and give you an accurate estimate!


Metal roofing contractor ELR Plumbing repairs and replaces roofs on homes and businesses. Storms, water leaks, fires, and other similar occurrences typically require the services of roofing contractors in Ringwood. The metal roofers begin their work by checking the roof and assessing the damage. All residences, commercial, and industrial properties in Ringwood can benefit from ELR Plumbing’s honest and no-nonsense roofing services. Don’t let roofing damage ruin your day; instead, let our skilled roofers restore your roof to its former splendour.

We are a high-quality Ringwood Colorbond roofer who consistently provides excellent service, workmanship, and results at reasonable pricing. Each of the roofers we hire has extensive roofing experience as well as industry experience. We have a wealth of experience and are the leading Ringwood metal roofer you can count on to complete quality job! You can expect outstanding outcomes when you call ELR Plumbing. We have the knowledge and skills to offer only the best job, whether it’s roof restoration, re-roofing services, roof maintenance, cleaning, guttering, or roof replacement. Give one of our representatives a call today to learn more about our services.

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That Colorbond Look

With 22 colours in the Colorbond® range, you can choose a roof colour that complements the design of your home and increases its value.

Colorbond Protection

Strong, secure and energy smart, Colorbond® steel is tried and tested in Australian conditions to deliver outstanding, long life performance.

Colorbond Speed

Our clean, friendly and professional team will install your new roof quickly and with minimal disruption to your home.

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Our services include:

  • Roof replacement
  • Roof plumbers
  • Metal roofing
  • roof repairs
  • Colorbond roofing installation
  • Roof installation
  • Commercial roofing
  • Metal roofing for businesses
  • Metal roofing for homes

Service Locations: 

  • Pakenham
  • Narre Warren
  • Lysterfield
  • Springvale
  • Upwey
  • Croydon
  • Wonga Park
  • Glen Waverley
  • And more


Your roof is probably the most important part of your house. It not only protects the structure from weather-related catastrophes, but it also offers your property a unique look. For good reason, many homeowners are considering switching from a regular roof to a metal roof. Metal roofs provide the finest protection against extreme weather conditions, including hurricane-force winds of 140 miles per hour, hail storms, heavy rain, and wildfires. ELR Plumbing, Colorbond roofers Ringwood, can help you extend your roof lifespan through roof maintenance and metal roof replacement. 

Durability – Metal roofs can endure up to 50 years if properly maintained. They’re tough and almost impenetrable. Unlike most other roofing materials, metal roofs will not decay, dry out, split, peel, curl, or leak. Metal roofing has also been used effectively for millennia and is resistant to termite and rat infestation.

Weather-resistant – Traditional roofing materials like wood shake and clay tiles can be blown off by tropical storm winds of 70 mph or less. Even slight roof damage can lead to leaks and pricey roof repairs. Many metal roofing systems can resist hurricane-force winds of up to 140 miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a category four hurricane on the Saffin-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale and an F-2 tornado on the Fujita Scale.

Thermal Efficiency – A metal roof also helps preserve energy throughout the summer months. Metal roofs, also known as “cool roofs,” reflect more solar radiation than asphalt, which absorbs and stores heat. They also re-emit the majority of the solar radiation that is absorbed, lowering energy expenditures.



Australia’s most popular roofing material by Bluescope is all the rage in Ringwood! Colorbond steel is one of the world’s most durable and sustainable roofing materials that homes and commercial properties use. Colorbond has been tested for decades to withstand the fluctuating weather that Australian climate brings. It is built with a five-layer protection that makes Colorbond robust, corrosion and weather-resistant, which makes it last for decades. 

  1. First Layer: Steel base that has been manufactured to adhere to strict Australian standards. 
  2. Second Layer: A metallic coating is added to give additional corrosion resistance. 
  3. Third Layer: A pre-treatment layer is added for more strength and corrosion resistance. 
  4. Fourth Layer: Another primer layer is baked onto the top
  5. Fifth Layer: Finally, a Colorbond topcoat is layered on the surface tp prevent chipping, flaking, and peeling. 


A bright spark in England realised in 1843 that corrugating a thin sheet of steel strengthened it significantly. Because it was so light and could stack easily for transportation, corrugated iron, as it was known back then, was an ideal construction material. It didn’t even need to be painted, but many people did so just to improve its appearance. It took a century to figure out how to get paint to stick on galvanised iron. Colorbond roofing steel was stackable and light, making it simple to move from one location to another. It wasn’t necessary to have it painted, but some individuals did so to improve its appearance. Because it was inexpensive, durable, and simple to transport, it became a favourite building material among Australians. 

Colorbond stands out among other roofing materials because of how it was evaluated. The metal coating on the Activate technology required extensive testing and development over a 17-year period in order to bring it to market. More than 5,000 panels were put through their paces in a range of lab and “real world” environments. In addition, 50 construction sites with a variety of uses, as well as 5 purpose-built test assessment buildings, were put to the test in the real world. ELR Plumbing highly recommends homeowners and business owners to have a roof replacement and Ringwood roof installation with Colorbond! 

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.



Many of us, however, fail to detect when our roof need inspection and upkeep. If you’ve ever wondered how your roof is doing but never bothered to inspect, it’s easy to believe it’s fine since the gutters are clean, the snow is swept away, and nothing leaks on rainy days. We advise all our clients to have their roofing inspected on a regular basis and call ELR Plumbing, Ringwood roofers, to give them a thorough evaluation of the extent of the roof’s damage. Here is a list of the things you should watch out for when inspecting your roof: 

  • Water Stains and Leakage
  • Sagging Roof 
  • Damaged Flashing
  • Increase in Electricity Bills
  • Mildew, Moulds, and Blisters 
  • Ice Dams 
  • Roof is past its lifespan


One of the most important aspects of a house is the roof. It shields you and your loved ones from the elements while keeping you comfortable and cool in the winter and summer. ELR Plumbing, the Ringwood roof specialists, is the best choice for any roofing work. If you want your roofing repairs to be of the finest quality and done with the best expertise, finding the appropriate roofing contractor Ringwood is critical. The greatest and most reputable organisation would save you time, money, and pain while ensuring that you would have no problems with the issue you were experiencing! So, for a better roofing experience, you want the finest roofing company. 

To build various roofs, different skill sets are necessary, and different locations in Australia require roofing contractors to possess a range of licences. If you’re searching for a firm that specialises in roof care, find out whether they’re a member of any professional groups so you can check if they’re legitimate Ringwood metal roofers.

Before making a final hiring selection, research and acquire information on the services, costs, and warranties offered by many different roofing companies. Don’t pick roofers exclusively on the basis of their lowest contractor quotes. It is essential to conduct research in order to make the most of your money!

Request documentation of insurance from the roofing contractor, including worker’s compensation and liability coverage. Although insurance is not required in all places or states, you may want to employ someone with insurance to protect yourself from litigation if the contractor gets hurt while working on your property.

Before signing anything, always read the deal. Inquire about the roofing contractor’s insurance, including worker’s compensation and liability coverage. Although insurance is not needed in all regions or states, you may want to choose someone who has it to protect yourself from lawsuits if the contractor is injured while working on your property.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Even with roofing materials, it’s all too simple to be duped. It’s critical to utilise genuine Colorbond roofing so that your family and house are protected. Look for the Colorbond steel marking on the goods or its box to ensure you’re getting the real stuff. Check for ink marking on the back side of the sheet for roofing and walling.

Anything in a light shade is the most energy-efficient metal roof colour. In the summer, lighter coloured metal roofs reflect more heat than darker coloured metal roofs, lowering your energy expenditures. During the winter, darker coloured roofing is preferable than lighter coloured roofing since it keeps your home warmer.

Wood frame, plywood, glass, metal ducts, nails, and plumbing pipes, among other materials, expand and contract at varying rates. These materials may shift somewhat when a home cools at night, rubbing against one other and generating sounds. They will occasionally contract with an audible pop. When you hear popping noises in the middle of the night, don’t panic, but if they become worse, it’s time to call ELR Plumbing for an overdue roof check!

Most Australian homeowners spend between $10,000 and $25,000 for their new roof. The price for replacing your roof will depend on the size of your roof, the pitch of your roof, the difficulty reaching your home site, and the kind of material that is being replaced.

If you’re wondering when the optimum time is to replace your metal roof, we have the answer! Because of the regular warm weather and low rainfall, summer is an excellent time to replace your roof. The sooner in the summer you can get started, the better. This will provide you and your roofers with cooler temperatures, decreased humidity, and less likelihood of dealing with summer storms. Always seek guidance from ELR Plumbing, your Ringwood Colorbond roofer, on any roofing issues!

There are various methods for keeping snow off your roof. To keep snow and ice from accumulating on the roof, install snow guards. Snow guards are metal objects in the shape of a little triangular or a long rod that protect snow from accumulating at the roof’s edge. Place a ladder against the house so you may securely reach the roof. For snow guard installation, contact a professional roofer.

Because of the availability of free electrons to absorb photon energy without experiencing energy transitions or bond breakdown, metals are virtually completely unaffected by UV. Coatings offer a reusable covering that shields the underlying membrane from UV radiation and heat, reducing the ageing process of the roof. Highly reflecting white coatings also greatly lower the temperature of the membrane, resulting in better system long-term performance. This lower temperature also decreases the heat burden on the building, resulting in cheaper cooling expenses.