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Wherever you live around Melbourne, Colorbond roofing is a great choice for your roof or roof replacement. Colorbond roofing is energy efficient as a roofing material, also a great option for some who lives down the beach, with it’s robust reputation. ELR Plumbing Melbourne are experts in the installation of all metal roofs, including Colorbond roofing options such as Metallic, Stainless, Ultra, and Matt. We recognise that the cost of a roof installation or repair is an unexpected and unwelcome expense. As a result, we provide low-cost Colorbond roof installation in Melbourne.

Colorbond roofing is a great option for a new roof. Colorbond roofing delivers outstanding performance, extended life, and low maintenance whether you’re building a new home or upgrading an old one. We provide dependable Colorbond roofing services in Melbourne to assist you with the installation of Colorbond roofing. Colorbond roofing may be installed on any property by our highly experienced, competent, and trained roof plumbers. Recommend ELR Plumbing to your builder or hire us on your own for high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective Colorbond roof installation.

Colorbond roofers
Colorbond roofers Melbourne ELR Plumbing

That Colorbond Look

With 22 colours in the Colorbond® range, you can choose a roof colour that complements the design of your home and increases its value.

Colorbond Protection

Strong, secure and energy smart, Colorbond® steel is tried and tested in Australian conditions to deliver outstanding, long life performance.

Colorbond Speed

Our clean, friendly and professional team will install your new roof quickly and with minimal disruption to your home.


ZINCALUME® steel roof sheeting is an iconic Australian building product that has repeatedly demonstrated its value as a robust, durable, and cost-effective material. It is ideally suited to a number of commercial and industrial uses and may be used in a variety of architectural designs.

Zincalume steel, which is made up of a mixture of aluminium, zinc, and silicon, was first developed in the 1970s. It has an average lifespan of four times that of galvanised steel. It, like Colorbond, is very corrosion resistant and provides excellent thermal efficiency. The main difference between Colorbond and Zincalume is that Zincalume does not have an unique paint layer and is only available in basic aluminium colours.

Zincalume Strength – Zincalume is one of the most durable steels available. It is extremely durable because to its zinc, aluminium, and silicon components. This roofing material is very resistant to corrosion and scratches, and it is not readily destroyed.

Zincalume Roofing Cost – Zincalume roofing is a cost-effective choice that yet gets the job done. It is strong, lightweight, non-combustible, and weather resistant, and it provides several benefits at a lesser cost than certain roofing materials.

Zincalume Roofing Lifespan – It has a lengthy lifespan due to its amazing resilience. Zincalume’s components provide long-term performance following substantial study into upgrading galvanised steel. Zincalume steel, in reality, lasts four times as long as galvanised steel.



Energy Efficiency – This roofing material enhances the energy efficiency of your property. It has Thermatech® technology, which reflects the sun’s rays and keeps your home cool so you don’t have to use your air conditioner as much. Furthermore, choosing the extremely energy-efficient lighter roof colours might result in a roof insulation discount.

Low Maintenance – Colorbond roofing is tested and made to withstand harsh Australian conditions. Colorbond roofing is easy to maintain and long-lasting due to its resilience. It may be kept clean by simply cleaning it with water every now and again. Your Colorbond roof may endure for at least 30 years if properly maintained.

Wide Range Of Colorbond Colours –  Colorbond roofing has a wide range of colours, including matt colours. Colorbond’s extensive colour and design selection allows you to match your roof to your home. There is a colour to fit every theme, with 22 modern, classic, matt, and ultra tones available. Colorbond comes in a number of styles, including corrugated, panel, and weatherboard. These choices allow you to customise your roof to fit your specific property requirements.

Tested For Australian Weather – Australia has harsh weather, with high UV and unpredictable weather, especially in Melbourne, they say Melbourne can have four seasons in one day. Colorbond roofing has been weather-tested in Australian conditions. This roofing type can tolerate extremes in temperature, cold, rain, and wind. It’s even safe to use in locations prone to bushfires. Colorbond steel has undergone comprehensive corrosion, durability, and exposure testing and is sturdy and secure in all conditions.

Durable Roofing –  One of the key selling points for Colorbond roofing is that it lasts a very long time, claimed as Australia’s most durable metal roofing material. Colorbond roofing is extremely long-lasting. This roofing material is made to last, thanks to its ACTIVATE® technology and five layers of protection that meet Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728). Each layer adds strength, protection, and technology to the product, making it more durable.

Fast Installation – Colorbond roofing installation is a fast roofing process, large sheets make it easier to cover large areas of your roof, quickly. Whether it be roof repairs or a full roof replacement, Colorbond installation makes the process faster, when compared with a tile roof or slate roof. This is why so many Aussies switch from tile to tin, (tiled roofing to metal roofing). Metal roofing like Colorbond roofing can be installed much faster than other roofing types. So if you have a renovation, or simply a roofing upgrade going on as part of your construction works at your home, other services and contractors wont be waiting a log time for the roof to be installed, saving you time and money.


Colorbond has been one of the most popular roofing solutions in Australia since its inception in 1966. Colorbond is a pre-painted steel material with a Zincalume core that is both robust and light. BlueScope Steel Limited uses tight design, production, and testing techniques to ensure the product is constructed to last.
Colorbond steel is utilised on roofs all around Australia because of its extended lifetime. The product, which comes in a variety of colours, is thermally efficient, corrosion-resistant, and simple to maintain. It’s no surprise that Colorbond steel has become a popular roofing material due to its numerous advantages.

Colorbond roofing provides you with the assurance that your roof is light, resilient, adaptable, and capable of meeting the changing demands of any lifestyle. A new Colorbond roof will improve the appeal of any house type, with so many excellent designer colours to select from. Who’d have guessed you could have the best of both worlds? Colorbond is a gorgeous roof that is also one of the hardest and longest-lasting on the market.

Secure, durable and energy smart, Colorbond steel is a popular roofing material. Created in the mid-nineteenth century, Colorbond was the solution to corrugated roofs. While corrugated roofs were robust, they corroded easily so needed regular painting. In response, Colorbond steel was created as a better alternative.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.



We focus on attention to detail – when you deal with us you get a comprehensive service including site measure, detailed quote and access to a wide range of products, colours and profiles.


We take great pride in quality workmanship and we use high quality Colorbond® products to re-roof your home because it lasts. With lots of different colours and profiles to choose from you are sure to find a roof sheet style to suit your home.


ELR are more then roof plumbers, we’re also experts in the field. We can be part of your roofing project from the beginning and will guide you throughout the process using our systems that are based on attention to detail and quality service.

Colorbond roofs may last up to 70 years, however tile roofs are readily damaged and susceptible to breaking in normal Australian weather conditions.

Rubber soled boots are a fantastic option since they have a good flat soft rubber sole and I can confidently walk on the colorbond without scuffing, scratching, or crumpling it (over the battens, of course). For obvious reasons, many roofers wear them.

Colorbond roofing is still quite durable, even if it has faded slightly. Nothing lasts forever, but Colorbond is likely to outlast other materials in terms of colorfastness. Colorbond roofing also offers advantages over other roofing materials.

Let’s be clear, washing of a Colorbond roof should be done by a professional, safety is paramount, your roof is an extremely dangerous environment. In warm water, wash the surface with a moderate soap solution or a gentle non-abrasive kitchen detergent.
To avoid glossy areas, use a sponge, soft cloth, or soft bristle nylon brush to apply the product gently.

Which Colorbond® Roof Colours Are the Most Popular?
Evening Haze.

Colorbond Roofers Yarra Ranges

Colorbond Roofers Mooroolbark

Colorbond Roofers Berwick

Colorbond Roofers Springvale

Colorbond Roofers Lysterfield