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Colorbond is the finest protection for your business property, according to our many years of expertise in the industrial roofing sector in Cheltenham. It not only protects your property, but it also lasts a long time, keeping its colour, gloss, and general appearance. We can ensure that we precisely measure, diagnose, and install or repair your roof effectively and safely as a certified and licenced Roofing contractor Cheltenham with credentials in roof plumbing. Ensure that your business roof structure is safe and secure. We take pleasure in providing the most trustworthy, dependable, and cost-effective Cheltenham commercial roofers in the market.


While there are several types of business roofing in Cheltenham, some are more commonly utilised than others. Contact ELR Plumbing for help selecting the right roofing material for your industrial roof.

  • Flat Roofs – One of the most prevalent styles of roof for commercial buildings is the flat roof. Flat roof systems have been a symbol of commercial and industrial business in Australia since the 1920s. Commercial flat roofs can be substantially less expensive to construct than pitched or steep slope roofs since they require less material to cover less square feet. Flat roofing materials and membranes include rubber rolled roofing, EPDM, PVC, TPO, bitumen, modified bitumen, and built-up roofing, among others. Flat roofs make maintenance and drain cleaning easier since workers can walk comfortably and safely regardless of the weather.
  • Low-sloped Roofs – A low slope roof is one that is not steep enough for shingles to be installed, according to shingle manufacturers or guidelines. When the pitch of a roof is less than 2:12, it is termed a low slope. This indicates that for every 12 horizontal units out, your roof is fewer than 2 vertical units (inches or feet) high. A continuous membrane covering is used on modern low-slope or flat roofs to better withstand pools of standing water. These membranes are applied as continuous sheets that are heat-welded or adhered together. Sealed metal roofs made of copper or tin are a more costly low-slope or flat roof choice. These are soldered metal panel interlocking systems. 
  • Pitched Roofs – A pitched roof is one that slopes down from one edge to another, usually in two portions at an angle from a central ridge, although sometimes in one part. A roof’s ‘pitch,’ or vertical rise divided by horizontal span, is a measure of its steepness. A pitched roof differs from a flat roof, which is defined as any roof with a slope of less than 10° in theory; however, in practise, pitched roofs are significantly shallower, with gradients ranging from 1:40 to 1:80. A pitched roof is one with the top surface of the roof sloping. This sloping flat roof works well in locations where there is a lot of rain or snowfall.
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That Commercial Look

You may pick a roof colour from the Colorbond® range of 22 colours to suit the style of your building and boost its value.

Commercial Protection

Colorbond® steel is a strong, secure, and energy-efficient steel that has been tried and proven in Australian conditions to ensure great, long-term performance.

Commercial Speed

Your new commercial roof will be installed swiftly and with least inconvenience to your house by our clean, courteous, and skilled staff.


If you own or manage a business property in Cheltenham, you are aware that periodic maintenance is required to keep your property running smoothly. Your business’s roof is no exception. Maintaining your business roofing investment is the greatest method to secure your investment, and your roof will protect the rest of your structure. To maintain your roof robust and prevent early roof collapse, you need a sound strategy for commercial roof care and repairs. Water spots on interior ceilings and walls might be as subtle as water spots on your industrial roof, or as visible as a huge leak. Regardless of the degree of the damage, any repairs that are required should be completed as soon as possible. You may help prevent unforeseen problems, costly repairs, and premature replacement with regular maintenance and assistance from metal roofers like ELR Plumbing. You will save money and extend the life of your business roofing by up to ten years.

To guarantee that you don’t neglect any of the aspects that require examination, we’ve created a Roof Maintenance Checklist. If you need to file an insurance or warranty claim, your completed checklist can be used as proof of correct maintenance.

  • Interior Signs of Roof Issues – Look for signs of water damage within your structure, such as mould and mildew, water stains, and peeling paint. This will prompt you to search for water entrance points on the roof above.
  • Dirt and debris – These impede drains and cause early decomposition or degradation of roofing surfaces. Check for falling tree branches that might harm roof membranes, and plan tree maintenance on a regular basis.

Reliable Commercial Roofers Cheltenham

We understand that with each commercial and industrial site comes diversity. Our iron roofing specialists can analyse the general appearance of your building.From this we can identify roofing integrity, flashing and plumbing conditions, water ingress, personnel patterns and the presence of contaminants and previous repairs. We provide you with an in-depth analytical examination of your existing commercial roof and provide you with a roofing solution that is best suited to your site’s requirements. Our team tailors specific design needs for each project, and all our work is managed by highly trained and experienced trades. At ELR Plumbing Cheltenham, we can survey any commercial or industrial roof and recommend the budgets required to maintain or restore.

We provide a complete roofing service in Cheltenham, from on-time and precise estimating to high-quality work completion. Our goal is to be a trouble-free industrial roofing contractor who adds value to the roofing process by providing excellent supervision, sound guidance, problem-solving, and prompt service.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.

Metal sheets are commonly used for commercial roofs. Because there are so many various types of metal materials available for use in a roofing system, metal roofing is a very popular commercial roof style. Galvanized corrugated steel Zinc, aluminium, and silicon-coated steel aggregates. 

Metal roofing is unquestionably one of the greatest options for your roof in general. They’re the most energy-efficient roof for residential installations, with a lifespan of more than 50 years and low maintenance requirements. Because metal roofs are very reflective, they become quite hot to the touch.

This question can’t be answered because there are so many things that can affect how long a commercial roof lasts. It is determined by when the roof was erected, how well it has been maintained, the materials used, the weather in your area, and other things. A commercial roof, on the other hand, may be anticipated to endure anywhere from 10 to 40 years.

EPDM is the current most common kind of flat roof, according to several roofing sites. This is because EPDM is inexpensive, easy to install, and has a high life expectancy. EPDM roofs are manufactured from recyclable materials and have a long lifespan, benefiting the environment as well. A spray-applied coating is another ecologically friendly choice. Because they may be sprayed directly to the roofing surface, they are an excellent flat roof replacement. Flat roof coatings are available in three varieties. These are silicone, acrylic, and metal coatings.

Metal roof installation costs vary greatly. It will be determined by a variety of criteria, including size, labour expenses, the sort of materials utilised, and others. Metal roof pricing for homeowners can range from $5 to $14 per square foot, depending on the type of metal roofing installed. Steel metal roof installation is the most popular, and it costs an average of $35,516 on a $1,800 square foot home. It’s usually a good idea to get roofing installation costs from ELR Plumbing, commercial roofers Melbourne.

Even on a factory or huge structure, such as an industrial roof, the amount of care necessary to maintain it in excellent shape is typically little, especially if the roof was installed appropriately. General maintenance would include looking for leaves, branches, and other debris that might become lodged on the roof and in the gutters twice a year and after major storms. If dirt or other stains do not wash off with rain, there are additional options for cleaning your metal roof. A concealed fastener metal roof also requires less maintenance than a metal roof with exposed fasteners.