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ELR Plumbing not only meets but surpasses the industry’s highest safety requirements. In Hawthorn and beyond, we provide expert guidance and services. Our organisation attempts to deliver the greatest outcomes with the least amount of disruption to your normal activities. For better business, we focus on developing long-term connections with our clients. Our roofing solutions are low-maintenance and energy-efficient. All of our commercial roofing systems are made using high-quality materials. ELR Plumbing, Hawthorn’s industrial roofers, is a fully insured and certified commercial roofing company serving Hawthorn and the rest of Melbourne.

Re-roofing is the process of replacing an old, damaged roof with a new roof made of shingles or Colorbond. Minor repairs must be completed ahead of time. The old roof is covered with the new one, which should only be done once. If the roof structure and support system are in excellent shape, this can be a straightforward remedy. It is preferable to fix the entire roof rather than just a piece or side. Although roof repairs might save money, they are only appropriate when there are minor roofing issues. If the roof is beyond repair, the only choice is to have roof replacement by ELR Plumbing Hawthorn.

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That Commercial Look

You may pick a roof colour from the Colorbond® range of 22 colours to suit the style of your building and boost its value.

Commercial Protection

Colorbond® steel is a strong, secure, and energy-efficient steel that has been tried and proven in Australian conditions to ensure great, long-term performance.

Commercial Speed

Your new commercial roof will be installed swiftly and with least inconvenience to your house by our clean, courteous, and skilled staff.


When we meet with potential customers, they are often evaluating different roofing options. A common question we get is, “Which are the most popular commercial roofing types?” Which is the superior option? Choosing the proper roof for your building and your budget is something we’ve been doing for decades at ELR Plumbing Hawthorn. As soon as you begin obtaining quotes from reputable Hawthorn roofing contractors, we want you to feel confident in your decisions.

  • Metal Roofing – Among commercial roofing systems, metal roofing is among the oldest and most well-known. Corrugated galvanised steel is the most common metal roofing material, however other options like aluminium or tin are also available. This type of roofing may have a completed aesthetic and good fire-resistance ratings, while also being more durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Shingle Roofing – Shingle roofing is most commonly associated with residences and residential roofs, although it is also frequently used for steep slope commercial roofing. Shingles can be formed of a variety of materials, including wood, slate, metal, plastic, ceramic, and asphalt-based composites. Asphalt and architectural shingles are the two most common forms.
  • Green Roofing – Green roofs are used on certain commercial premises, where greenery is grown on the roof itself above a waterproof membrane. Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular among businesses as they strive to be more ecologically conscious while also providing a better working environment for their employees.
  • Built-up Roofing – “Tar and gravel” roofs are the most frequent name for these roof types. Built-up systems are applied to the roof by alternating layers of asphalt or tar with supporting textiles. You have control over how many layers (or plies) are deployed. Stone or gravel makes up the last layer of a built-up roofing structure.


Commercial Roofing Experts Hawthorn

For decades, we’ve been Hawthorn’s leading commercial and industrial roofing contractor. As a result of our dedication to safety, our Colorbond Roofing team at ELR Plumbing places a great value on not just our own operations but also on taking care of you as a client-we work hard together so that each project works smoothly with no delay or danger! Count on ELR Plumbing for high-quality work and materials. For your convenience, we provide a single-source warranty and on-site emergency repairs. An experienced commercial roofing company in the Hawthorn area has a team of highly trained and experienced workers who are entirely responsible for inspecting and installing commercial roofs. ELR Plumbing, Hawthorn’s industrial roofers, are hired when a commercial, industrial, or warehouse roof needs to be repaired, maintained, or replaced.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.

No, as long as there are no structural alterations to the structure, no council consent is required to replace a roof.

It might take three to five days in severe circumstances. It might take up to three weeks depending on the weather, intricacy, and accessibility to your property. A roof can usually be replaced in a day, unless it’s a huge house.

If your roof was built properly, your attic is well aired, and your roof is properly maintained, it will last as long as possible. This means that, depending on the type of roofing material you have, you shouldn’t need to replace it for another 20 to 50 years (or longer).

Temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-27 degrees Celsius) are ideal for roof construction, but when is it too cold to roof? When temps dip below 40° F (4° C), it is truly too cold. Many roofing materials contain adhesive qualities that must be activated by the sun’s heat.

Metal roof installation costs vary greatly. It will be determined by a variety of criteria, including size, labour expenses, the sort of materials utilised, and others. Metal roof pricing for homeowners can range from $5 to $14 per square foot, depending on the type of metal roofing installed. Steel metal roof installation is the most popular, and it costs an average of $35,516 on a $1,800 square foot home. It’s usually a good idea to get roofing installation costs from ELR Plumbing, commercial roofers Melbourne.

A leaking roof may cause the sheathing to decay and collapse, causing the area to drop partly. A roof dip caused by a leak usually happens around the dormer or chimney. Collapsed sheathings are easy to spot from below. They’re usually black and discoloured, with mould growing on them. Don’t disregard these warning signals since it will cost you thousands of dollars and bring you a great deal of worry! Colorbond roofing contractors like ELR Plumbing can restore your roofs to their former glory!