At ELR Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being the best roof plumbers in Australia. We are certified and licensed installers of Colorbond Roofing products for your domestic and commercial roofing needs. Colorbond is the trusted roofing material for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings in Hallam, Melbourne.

Whether you are roofing a new building, or you want to give your older building a second life, ELR Plumbing, in conjunction with Colorbond, has you covered.

Why ELR Plumbing?

We ensure to provide clear communication during the project ? Unlike other contractors, we will keep you in the loop at all times during your roofing project.

We promise professionalism and timeliness for service you can trust ? We undertake all our projects with the utmost professionalism when we exceed customer expectations on timelines and project delivery.

We have an eye for detail for a quality roofing project ? our results are like works of art. Our installation licensed professionals take the utmost care to install your roof.

We only use the best roofing products ? We have partnered with Colorbond to give you only the best in roofing materials. We have also ensured that all our technicians and professionals and licensed to handle the products.

We provide you with helpful advice concerning roofing colours, profiles, and installing implements from our years of experience in roofing around Australia. – Our job is not just to install roofing; it is to guide you on your dream. With many years of experience in the field, we are open to lending you our expertise at no extra cost.

We provide a 20-year Colorbond warranty on the products ? We guarantee that your roof will last. That is why we have a 20-year warranty on the top.

We provide a 7-year craft warranty ? We stand behind our work. The results speak for themselves. We trust our artistry so much so that we have a 7-year warranty on our service.

Why Colorbond?

Sustainability ? Even though the steel in Colorbond products is recyclable, all their products contain recycled content products. The materials used are durable and manage all weather conditions efficiently, saving you resources and energy cost.

Fire protection ? Colorbond steel is noncombustible. It is ideal for areas prone to bush fires or if you want to increase your fire protection.

Easy maintenance ? To maintain Colorbond roofing, all you need is to wash them with clean water. They will last longer and look great.

Warranty ? There is a standard warranty with every Colorbond product, which you can apply for on the Colorbond warranty management system

Tried and tested ? the product has been tested extensively for the Australian weather conditions and has passed. It has also been tested for heat, cold, dust, hail, and storm.

Five layers of protection ? The product has five layers of protection. These are a thin pretreatment layer, a Zinc coating to make it rust-resistant, a solid steel base, a corrosion-resistant primer, a chip, and scratch-resistant topcoat,

Long 50-year heritage ? Colorbond products have been manufactured since 1966. They have evolved with technology and have some of the best roofing products money can buy.

Genuine product ? as certified Colorbond partners, we ensure that you get authentic products from Colorbond. The product has verifiable laser-etched branding with every product.

For your business and home in Hallam, you need a reliable, secure and robust roofing solution. We at ELR Plumbing stand by our craft and quality products. With a selection of over 20 colours, tested products that perform exceptionally, and professional quality, you can never go wrong With ELR Plumbing. Our services are superb, our installers are certified, what more could you ask for?

Your roof can match your favourite colour or match your personality or mix your roofing tiles for a beautiful, artistic look. The thermo-efficient roofing sheets help keep you cool even in the hottest Australian weather.

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