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Why Choose a Colorbond Roof Replacement in Belgrave

Metals are used in several roofing materials, including galvanised steel, galvalume steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, and stainless steel. There is a wide selection of metal roofing available in Belgrave, and you can take your pick from several different styles. You should use Colorbond steel roofing for your Belgrave re-roofing project since it is the greatest option for remodelling projects and will give your property a new look. Old brown tile roofs may be simply changed into brand-new roofs with vibrant colours. Here are some further reasons for choosing Colorbond roof replacement as your prefered choice:

Colorbond roofing is flexible. 

Regarding roofing options, Colorbond Steel Roofing is among the most adaptable due to its lightweight yet sturdy construction. It works well with many home styles, including traditional, modern, gable, curved, and skillion.

Built for Australian Climate 

It’s no surprise that Colorbond has become Australia’s prefered roofing material. In addition to offering you a selection of beautiful finishes to match your house, Colorbond steel offers fire safety, energy and environmental efficiency, minimum maintenance, and are supported by Bluescope Steel guarantees.

Low Maintenance 

Among Colorbond’s many benefits is its low upkeep, making it a popular choice in Australia. Bluescope advises cleaning the surface with fresh water at least every six months, and more frequently if you live near a shore, to extend its life and preserve its appearance. This is why changing from tile to tin roof is also a great idea! 

Energy Efficiency

Most roofing materials on the market today pale compared to Colorbond’s performance. Their business is aware that most individuals, particularly those in Belgrave, are highly cautious of their energy usage. This device was developed to assist homes in saving energy costs by up to seven times. That’s a lot of savings! 


Colorbond isn’t just a pretty face; it’s tough and long-lasting since it was made to withstand the harsh conditions of Australia’s environment. Less energy and resources are used in maintenance and replacement because strength and durability lead to fewer problems and a longer lifespan. Colorbond steel is also made with recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Over 22 Colours to Choose From 

Colorbond steel is known for its aesthetic flexibility! No matter what design you are going after, Colorbond can provide the right shades and colours for your new roof. Ask the roofing experts at ELR Plumbing for a list of the colours you can choose from. 

Commercial roof specialists ELR Plumbing have decades of experience in the plumbing and repairs of roofs. Replacement, re-roofing, and roof plumbing services are available from ELR Plumbing in Belgrave and the surrounding area. They have extensive experience working with tiled and metal sheet roofing. Get in touch with our team for a new roof! 


Colorbond Contemporary Roofing Colour Chart


Colorbond Classic Roofing Colour Chart


Colorbond Matt Colorbond Roofing Colour Chart


Colorbond Ultra Roofing Colour Chart
Colorbond Roofing Replacement by ELR Plumbing
Colorbond Roof Replacement by ELR Plumbing

That New Roof Look

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New Roof Protection

The roof is a critical layer between your home and the elements, a new roof will provide better protection for your home

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The roof of your home is just as important as its structure. It protects your family and possessions against weather and outside intrusions, making it much more than another building component. Therefore, your choice of roofing material will significantly impact your property’s safety and operation. Re-roofing may be done with various materials, including metal like Colorbond, slate, and terracotta tile. In addition to the type of material, there are other crucial aspects to bear in mind while making your decision, such as the following:

  • Home Design and Aesthetics
  • Your Budget
  • Energy efficiency
  • Weather 
  • Weight of the roofing material
  • Lifespan 
  • Durability

Selecting the appropriate roofing is a complex undertaking, particularly if you intend to sell or rent your home, but it is also vital since it will help you draw in buyers. Request quotations from several suppliers and roof plumbers, such as ELR Plumbing, before making any decisions. Remember that the new roof should be resilient, so going with the cheapest materials might not be the most excellent choice even if it lowers your roof replacement cost. Lastly, always choose the material that will last you for decades! Choose ELR Plumbing for your re-roofing and roof replacement requirements, whether for your home or your business. 



When deciding which roofing material is best for your home, there are several factors to consider. Your Belgrave property is significantly protected from the elements by your roof. Depending on the style and quality of the insulation in your home, it also raises the property’s value, making it profitable when the time to sell comes!  What once only involved piles of hay and banana leaves to create a shelter from the rain and sun has grown into a thriving industry with a wide range of products. Roofers such as ELR Plumbing provide synthetic materials and designs like sheet metal and plastic polymers alongside natural ones like natural slate. So, what are the best roofing materials recommended for a new roof? Let’s find out! 
Colorbond Steel – Steel roofs are a common feature of Australian architecture, and for good reason too! Steel sheets complement all types of outside cladding beautifully, and they are tough, non-combustible, and durable, withstanding adverse weather conditions. The baked-on painted coating should resist at least two decades of sweltering heat before flaking, and a Colorbond roof may last for at least three to four decades.
Tiles – In Australia, tiles have long been a favourite material because of the aesthetic appeal it brings to a Belgrave home. No matter what material they are constructed of, tiles all have the advantage of being easily replaceable if they sustain damage from things like walking on them or falling tree limbs. In contrast to sheet materials, just the damaged region has to be replaced rather than the entire roof section from the cap to the gutter.
Slate Roofing – Slate is a heavy, non-absorbent natural substance. Its chemical and mineral makeup determines its hue. Slate comes in a range of hues because, as we all know, these characteristics change depending on where you live. These elements also affect how receptive the slate is to changing colour when exposed to the elements. When re-roofing with slate, the roof will need to be reinforced to support the weight of the slate. Although it is one of the most costly steep slope roofing materials, it is non-leaching, lasts for hundreds of years, and has incomparable natural beauty. The only disadvantage we can think of is that it may be too pricey for people looking for a budget-friendly type of roof. 
Whatever type of roofing material you choose, ELR Plumbing will be here to assist you from start to finish. If your roof shows any age, decay, or damage, it’s time to call the pros to replace it with a new roof and restore your peace of mind. Call our roofing professionals right away to replace your Belgrave roof! We’ll ensure your roof and house are protected from outside weather and animals.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.


A town and outlying suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Belgrave lies 36 kilometres east of the city’s CBD and is governed by the Shire of Yarra Ranges local government. E.W. Benson, a councilman, owned a local property named Belgrave. The property, named after a chapel in Leeds, England, where Benson had grown up, inspired the town’s name.
Discover a thriving Belgrave only 40 kilometres from Melbourne, tucked away in the beautiful Sherbrooke Forest. Get your fill of traditional, contemporary, mainstream, alternative, and of course, Puffing Billy, the famous steam engine. The Dandenong Ranges’ dense woods and fern valleys provide the setting for this stunning ride by Australia’s oldest operational steam locomotive. Passengers can ride along any railway segment and get off at Menzies Creek, Emerald, or Lakeside, or they can continue on the train for the entire 25-kilometre trip to Cockatoo and Gembrook. There are alternatives for lunch and dinner, including dining car service. Just over a kilometre east of Belgrave, at the observation point on Gembrook Road, where a large wooden trestle bridge spans the railway line over the nearby creek and road, is one of the finest places to observe Puffing Billy as it travels.
Belgrave serves as a fantastic starting point for visiting the neighbouring Dandenong Ranges National Park, as well as the charming surrounding towns of Kallista and Olinda and Mount Dandenong, the highest peak in the ranges.