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Do you want to pull your hair out over the constant expense of repairing your tile roof? Do you have a leaking tile roof? Do you want to improve the look and value of your home? Have you thought about improving the roof’s insulation? Upgrade to a new metal roof right away.

These are just some signs of whether your tile roof is screaming for a metal roof replacement in Cranbourne. 
  1. A roof structure that is rotting or damaged
  2. A roof structure that no longer complies with building code
  3. A roof structure that is rotting or damaged
  4. Revised storm and wildfire compliance problems
  5. Requirements for modern health and safety
While tiled roofing offers a classic look that doesn’t go out of style, maybe it’s time to have second thoughts on switching from tile to tin roof. Property owners in Cranbourne take great pleasure in their homes and treat them with the care and attention to detail that goes along with it. Because our team as reroofers in Cranbourne, ELR Plumbing, knows what drives each of our customers to repair and re-imagine the way their roofing systems look and are viewed by others, we work tirelessly for each customer to deliver an experience that is “more than roofing” and a service that genuinely stands out from the competition. For all your enquiries, call us or fill up our enquiry form. 
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You can't beat a quality new roof, adding security to your home and value for that matter

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The roof is a critical layer between your home and the elements, a new roof will provide better protection for your home

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We specialise in roof replacement, we have a solid process and quality checks are always performed methodically


You might be hesitant to have a metal reroof or Colorbond roof replacement with so many preconceived assumptions. We’re here to dispel all the typical misunderstandings and fallacies regarding metal roofing that are out there.

  • Myth #1: Metal Roofing is Noisy – The noisy clinking often heard on metal patio roofs is sometimes mistaken for the type of metal utilised in Cranbourne home roofing construction. The sound of rain, hail and other weather elements is muffled by the metal roof’s strong sheathing and underlayment, which are installed during the roofing process. It can occasionally be quieter than asphalt shingles.
  • Myth #2: Metal Roofs are prone to lightning – Lightning hits whatever is in its immediate path. When lightning strikes, it is an excess of electricity that is trying to discharge, and when it strikes the earth, it is trying to discharge into the ground. With metal roofs, energy is securely distributed through your home’s structure thanks to the metal, and more significantly, metal is noncombustible. This implies that a metal roof will not catch fire if your home is struck by lightning, which cannot be claimed for many other materials.
  • Myth #3: They are expensive – Even while metal roof costs may be more expensive than, for instance, asphalt shingle roofs, they can resist a wide range of weather conditions far better and longer than other roofs. Depending on the style, metal roofs endure 50 years on average, and many manufacturers have lifetime warranties. If the roof is installed correctly, it may last for decades without needing to be replaced, requiring very little upkeep.
  • Myth #4: Metal Roofing is extra hot – Metal roofs may significantly reduce monthly utility costs due to their energy efficiency. These days, metal roof paint treatments have reflecting properties, preventing UV radiation absorption.
  • Myth #5: They are brittle and can’t be walked on – Although metal roofs are more hazardous to walk on than asphalt ones due to their slick surface and unique support system, they may nevertheless be safely crossed for a Cranbourne metal roof replacement or Colorbond reroofing. 
  • Myth #6: Metal Roofs are not rust-proof – Your metal roof will remain intact and resist oxidation and corrosion for decades, thanks to advancements in paint systems and other technology.
  • Myth #7: Metal is heavy-weight – Metal roofs, in reality, weigh around half as little as a conventional asphalt and tiled roof. Metal is now the lightest roofing material available.
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If you need a new roof, storm damage repairs, or roof plumbing, it’s crucial that you use a reputable firm that has the appropriate credentials. Every one of our contractors is completely insured. All of our services also include a labour guarantee of at least one year to assure that all work is completed correctly and to your satisfaction.

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No need to look for a new Cranbourne roofer every time your needs change. ELR Plumbing is a modern roofing business in Cranbourne that specialises in providing complete roofing solutions under one roof. We guarantee that we can satisfy all of your roofing demands, regardless of the roofing solution you seek.

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We provide 360-degree Colorbond roof replacement and  roofing solutions across Victoria, not just in a select few neighbourhoods. Instead, we also provide residential and commercial roofing services in Victoria’s neighbouring communities, including Cheltenham, Berwick, Melbourne, Pakenham, Hallam, Narre Warren, and others. Are you a resident of one of these places who needs a dependable roofing contractor? If so, get in contact with us right now!

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.


Located 40 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, Cranbourne was formerly a rural town but is now a residential neighbourhood in the expansive Casey area. The Ruffy brothers, who squatted on Mayune Run in 1836, were the first residents. They managed the Cranbourne Inn, which could have been named after Viscount Cranborne or after a place in Berkshire.
Today, Cranbourne is a Greater Melbourne outlying suburb best known for its sizable business district, the Cranbourne Park Shopping Center, and the lively High Street. The town’s primary draws include the magnificent Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, a 363-hectare expansion of Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens that specialises in Australian native species, the lovely McClelland Sculpture Park and Ballam Park Homestead, which are located on the road between Langwarrin and Frankston.
As a result, it is not unexpected that rents in Cranbourne West have increased by 26.7% during the last five years. For investors, these factors are pretty encouraging. Cranbourne West presents a tempting opportunity because of the persistently high demand, the limited land availability, and the competitive rental market.