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If you need roof plumbing, metal roof replacement, Colorbond reroofing, and other roofing work done, look no further than ELR Plumbing. We give you the construction knowledge essential to understand your roofing requirements better. We complete the job by giving you one quotation, bill, and business to interact with. Compared to other roofing firms in Oakleigh, we approach tasks differently. We prioritise complete client happiness, safety, and property protection from the first interaction to the last inspection. If you need a new Colorbond roof, you know who to call. 


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That New Roof Look

You can't beat a quality new roof, adding security to your home and value for that matter

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The roof is a critical layer between your home and the elements, a new roof will provide better protection for your home

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We specialise in roof replacement, we have a solid process and quality checks are always performed methodically


So you’ve decided to have a tile to tin roof replacement in Oakleigh. The average Australian’s most significant single investment is their property. And the roof is the most crucial component of your house since it safeguards all the other components. An excellent long-term investment that will safeguard your home and everything inside of it is a new Colorbond roof. Working with a trustworthy roofer like ELR Plumbing means we’ll handle practically all the jobs for you. It is, after all, our job. However, you can take steps to be ready for a new roof that will make the process easier and safer for your loved ones, your house, and your possessions.

Here are some tips on how to prep for an Oakleigh roof replacement. 

  • Consider your pets and kids, if you have any 
  • Move your vehicles away from the property
  • Take down paintings, picture frames, mirrors, or anything hanging from the walls
  • Cover the things in your attic 
  • Get tree contractors to trim and remove trees that may get in the way
  • Ensure that there are electrical outlets accessible to ELR Plumbing roofers 
  • Inform your neighbours about your Colorbond roof replacement schedule 
  • Remove antennas and satellites from your roof 

As soon as the roofers are finished and have cleaned up, you may bring back any items you moved and uncover the area. Additionally, you have the opportunity to review the work and ensure that everything meets your standards. Every roof replacement, tile to metal roof, and Colorbond re-roofing is our priority at ELR Plumbing. We have a lot of pleased clients in Oakleigh, as you can see from our reviews. However, providing outstanding customer service includes standing behind our work, so if something is not up to your standards, please let us know so we can make it right. Call our reroofers to know more about our rates. 



If you need roofing work done and you want to choose a reliable professional, here are some things to consider. Asking a few simple questions will help you determine whether they are the most qualified roofers for the task before you employ them. Today’s metal roof replacement, tile to tin roofing, and roof repair team at ELR Plumbing have compiled a list of considerations before selecting your roofer.

#1 How long have you been in the business?

The better the contractor, the more likely they will do satisfying, high-quality work; the more expertise they have. The length of time a firm has remained in operation is a reliable predictor of its success. 

#2 Are you insured and certified?

Roofing is a risky profession that requires appropriate training, certifications, and, most importantly, insurance. Verify that they are licenced, insured for public and personal liability, and have workers’ compensation. Make sure to request the pertinent documentation as verification. ELR Plumbing maintains current insurance coverage and, when necessary, workers’ compensation for each employee.

#3 Do you have references?

When I say “references,” I mean folks, the roofer has helped with roof repairs in Oakleigh. You want to get in touch with previous clients to find out whether they were happy with the service and whether they would use them again in the future.

#4 Does my home need a roof replacement, re roofing, or simple roof repairs? 

Only expert roofers like ELR Plumbing can recommend what your home needs precisely. We can evaluate your tile or metal roof and give you an on-site evaluation and a sound recommendation or action plan. 

If the roof of your Oakleigh house requires replacing, our crew at ELR Plumbing provides the best components and workmanship. We work to make our roofing company as customer-focused as we can be by providing roofing services such as reroofing and roof plumbing that are simple, uncomplicated, and of high quality. We start offering the best service the moment you decide to get in touch with us. We begin by providing you with a free, same-day estimate utilising cutting-edge technology so that you will understand exactly how much a roof replacement cost in Oakleigh is.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.


Located 15 kilometres southeast of Melbourne, just beyond the suburbs of Caulfield and Malvern, Oakleigh is mostly a residential area but also has a sizable secondary industrial sector. Scotchmans Creek was the region’s name up until 1853, when Oakleigh was given to it. The name may have originated from a she-oak growing close to Scotchmans Creek, Oakleigh Park, Malvern Hills in Hertfordshire, England, or Mrs Oakley, a pioneer.
Greek immigration to Australia in the middle of the 20th century is primarily to blame for the region’s long-standing reputation for having a strong Greek cultural impact. One-fourth of residents in the area speak solely Greek at home. The Oakleigh Cannons football team, founded in 1972 by Greek immigrants, is proof of the impact of Greek culture. The Greek Orthodox church of Agioi Anargyroi offers another proof of Greek cultural impact.
International gastronomy Commerce and culture. The amenities of Oakleigh, a tiny suburb of Melbourne, are comparable to those in considerably bigger districts. This area is prospering thanks to a continual influx of young, fashionable residents and a strong economic and cultural sector.
There is a Central Business District in Oakleigh that covers nearly 9 blocks. The region has several companies, stores, banks, and shopping centres. Within a one-block radius of Eaton Mall, a large pedestrian mall, there are several eateries, shops, banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, butchers, hairdressers, and other services.