Are you looking for a roofing installer in Dandenong? We, at ELR Plumbing, are the best roofing installers, plumbers, and re-roofers in Melbourne. All our installers are certified and licensed to work on Colorbond products, and there is no better team to work with you on your roof installation project. We only use the best materials, and all our technicians are licensed to carry out the installation of Colorbond Products.

Colorbond is a five-layer, protected, tried, and tested roofing material that we use on all roof installation projects. It comes with a warranty and is easy to clean and maintain even in the harshest of Australian weather. Colorbond for your roofing, re-roofing, or roof repair project will outlast every other type of roofing material. ELR Plumbing is licensed to carry out installations of Colorbond products. Every one of our installers is permitted to work expertly on your roof.

Why should you trust ELR Plumbing?

ELR Plumbing understands that roofing is not a temporary thing but will last a lifetime. We are committed to ensuring that our customer gets the best service, support, and materials.

These are some of the reasons you should choose ELR Plumbing.

  • We are committed to communicating with you throughout the project for your peace of mind. ? you will always know the project’s status as we will continually update you on the progress.
  • We are committed to absolute professionalism and punctual delivery of projects for reliable service. ? we stand behind our professionalism and work ethic. If we promise to deliver by a specific date, your project will be ready no later than the date agreed.
  • We have keen attention to detail for a quality roofing installation result ? all our roofing projects are done with the most sensitive attention to detail, ensuring that your roof comes out perfect.
  • We have access to Colorbond, the ultimate roofing products ? our partnerships with Colorbond ensure that you only get the best that money can buy in terms of materials for your project.
  • We will give you precious advice on roofing colours, profiles, and installing implements and design. ? our years of service in roofing have afforded us a great experience with all our customers. At your discretion, we will advise you on the best profile, colour, and implements for your situation according to your design.
  • We provide a 20-year Colorbond warranty on the material. ? Colorbond is meant to last a lifetime. We offer a 20-year warranty because of the confidence we have in the materials we use.
  • We provide a 7-year workmanship warranty ? our dedication and skills are superb, and that is why we are committing to a 7-year warranty on service to all our customers.

Why should you use Colorbond on your project?

Colorbond is the best roofing material you can use for your roofing project in Dandenong. The materials are tried and tested in the harshest of Australian conditions and still come out on top.

Here are the reasons you should use Colorbond for your next roofing project.

  • Colorbond roofing is made in Australia for Australian environments ? Colorbond roofing products are designed in Australia and are meant to be used even in the most challenging conditions.
  • Colorbond metal is fire resistant. ? with rising bushfire, you would want to protect your investments. Colorbond has been tested and found to be noncombustible. Colorbond steel was tested by immersion in a flame for thirty minutes and came out better than all the other samples tested. Colorbond roofing is compatible for use in bushfire-prone areas.
  • Colorbond roofing a five-layer coated sheet ? for ultimate protection of the steel from the elements, Colorbond roofing has been made from five-layer protected steel.
  1. The steel acts as the base
  2. A metallic, corrosion-resistant layer on top of the steel
  3. A protective adhesive coating to attach the other layers
  4. A primer that inhibits corrosion
  5. A specially developed topcoat, painted with chip and flake-resistant paints.

If you are considering a roofing partner in Dandenong, do not hesitate to contact ELR Plumbing. We promise to exceed your expectations.