What Is the Cost of Colorbond Roofing?

The ballpark costs of replacing the roof of a typical Australian three-bedroom home with new Colorbond roofing are between $5,000 and $20,000, although it’s not unheard of for roof replacement costs to reach $35,000 and more. Most Australian homeowners spend between $10,000 and $25,000 for their new roof. The price for replacing your roof will depend on the size of your roof, the pitch of your roof, the difficulty reaching your home site, and the kind of material that is being replaced.

The roof is part of the house that we only notice when they are defective. Roof repair and restoration tend to be put off until they become urgent, when there is less time to make a carefully considered assessment of costs of materials and labour to bring the home back to a livable and presentable condition.

If you are under time pressures to repair your roof right away, it is hard to go wrong with Colorbond roofing. Colorbond is a timeless choice for a beautiful roof anywhere in Australia. For home owners in the vicinity of Melbourne, ELR Plumbing are a reliable choice for roof replacement on a promised schedule at a reasonable price.

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What is the range of Colorbond roofing prices?


100 ? 150 Sqm
$9,500 ? $13,000


150 ? 200 Sqm
$13,000 ? $18,000


200 ? 300 Sqm
$18,000 ? $26,000


300 ? 400 Sqm
$26,000 ? $35

Of course, the size of your roof is not the only consideration in the price of replacing it. Let’s consider what goes into the cost you will be quoted for replacing your existing roof with Colorbond.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof With Colorbond?

Often the biggest consideration in determining Colorbond roofing prices for Australian homes is the cost of removing the old roof. Some roofing materials require much more labour for demolition than others.

For example, the cost of removing and replacing a simple metal skillion roof on a mid-sized home, with a roof of 150 ? 200 m2, is likely to range from $6,000 to $15,000. Removing an old tin roof may require nothing more complicated than using a sharpened shovel to rip of the old metal to make way for new Colorbond. The cost of replacing the roof is lower because the labour cost to remove the old roof is lower.

Replacing a worn-out tile roof with Colorbond can cost twice as much as replacing a metal skillion roof. In our example of a typical, mid-size Australian home of 150 ? 200 m2, removing a tile roof and putting on a new Colorbond root can run from $15,000 to $25,000. But tile is not the most problematic material for roof replacement.

Safety considerations and the cost of disposal add greatly to the cost of replacing an old concrete or asbestos roof. Asbestos puts the “plus” in our estimate of a cost of up to $35,000+ for replacing an asbestos roof on a larger, older home. But many owners of homes of no more than 200 m2 will find that replacing even an asbestos roof with Colorbond will not cost more than $20,000.


What Does a Colorbond Roof Cost Per Square Metre?

Roof installation costs in Australia range from $44 to $55 per m2. The cost of the Colorbond sheeting can range from $20 to $200/m2 not inclusive of delivery. The average cost of installing a new Colorbond roof on an Australian home is $50 to $70 per m2. The cost of Colorbond roofing is materials plus labour and other costs listed above.

How Much Does a Sheet of Colorbond Cost?

The grade and size of Colorbond used most commonly in roofing costs from $13 to $37 per sheet, although longer sheets of Colorbond can cost up to $160, including GST.

Here are several highly sought-after options of Colorbond roof sheet profiles and their prices.

Colorbond Roof Sheeting Prices

Basic corrugated steel


 Powder-coated Colorbond


 Double-sided Colorbond


 Colorbond Ultra


What are the differences between the grades of Colorbond and how to they affect Colorbond roofing prices?

Regular corrugated steel is fine for building a shed or a detached garage. It lacks the aesthetic appeal of Colorbond, but as long as it is galvanized steel, there is no risk of its becoming a rusty eyesore.

Powder-coated Colorbond is an appropriate choice for most houses. Powder-coated Colorbond starts as raw steel. Then it is dipped in a vat of molten zinc to form a protective layer to fight rust and corrosion. Next is it sprayed with powder that bakes color onto the galvanized steel for colors that won’t fade for a decade or more.

Double-sided Colorbond has color baked onto the steel on both sides. It is the steel of choice when you are going to see both sides of the panel, from the curb looking onto your roof, and from your living space under a pergola or on your deck or patio. The second layer of durable color costs a little more.

Colorbond Ultra is the roofing material of choice for seaside homes. Even galvanized steel eventually wears out when it is constantly exposed to salt spray, but a third layer of protective coatings adds decades of life to roofs even in seaside settings.

Prices of Colorbond are subject to change. It’s always a good idea to get a current quote from a roofing professional such as ELR Plumbing.

What Does a Colorbond Roof Cost Per Square Metre?

Roof installation costs in Australia range from $44 to $55 per m2. The cost of the Colorbond sheeting can range from $20 to $200/m2 not inclusive of delivery. The average cost of installing a new Colorbond roof on an Australian home is $50 to $70 per m2. The cost of Colorbond roofing is materials plus labour and other costs listed above.

What is the Cost of Painting a Colorbond Roof?

The cost of professionally painting a Colorbond roof ranges from $50 to $70 an hour inclusive of GST. Your roof painter will also charge for any necessary prep work and cleaning.

Why does painting Colorbond cost up to $70 an hour? First, the painter washes the surfaces to be painted with water and detergent followed by a rinse with clean water to remove any residues, grease, or dirt that may have accumulated on the steel.

Then the painter needs to sand the Colorbond to ensure good adhesion of the paint. This step does not remove the protective zinc coating added to the Colorbond at the factory, because the heat in the galvanizing vat, about 425? C, is hot enough that the zinc and steel form a layer of alloy that goes into the steel itself. It only takes a little scuffing up of the baked-on paint on the Colorbond to ensure good adhesion of the new coat of paint.

Depending on what paint is used to paint your Colorbond, the painter may need to apply a primer, or just use a single coat of a self-priming acrylic. Then the painter applies top coats.

How Long Does a Colorbond Roof Last?

The steel in your Colorbond roof has been rated by engineers to last as long as 100 years in pristine, rural environments before it needs structural maintenance, even though it may benefit from touch-up painting every 10 years. Even in seaside salt-spray conditions, Colorbond should stay rust free even without maintenance for up to half a century.

What Affects the Cost of Colorbond Roofing?

Miscellaneous costs can enter consideration in replacing any roof, even when Colorbond offers the greatest value for the money.

  • Changing out a roof on a home in a remote location costs more.
  • Complex roof designs, such as the pyramidal square hip roof costs more.
  • Difficult access adds to price. If your home is in a dense urban settlement, access can add appreciably to labour costs.
  • The height of your roof adds to cost. Replacing higher roofs costs more.
  • The height of your home adds to cost. Replacing roofs on home with two, three, or four stories will incur extra charges for labour and removal of debris.
What Does a Colorbond Roof Cost Per Square Metre

How Much Does Colorbond Roofing Cost in Australia?

The best way to find out precisely what your new Colorbond roof will cost is to ask the experts. ELR Plumbing are Colorbond roofers. Feel free to contact ELR Plumbing online for further details, or give us a call at 0402 224 367. We pride ourselves on maintaining communication, professionalism, quality, and punctuality high on every job no matter how large or small.

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