Can Your Repaint a Colorbond Roof? : An Expert Advice
Due to its strength, thermal efficiency, slick look, and superior ability to survive Australia’s severe and variable environment, Colorbond roofing is a well-liked roofing option in Melbourne and around the country.
The robust Zincalume core of Colorbond is covered with a pre-painted seal. Colorbond is a popular roofing material for coastal, rural, and urban locations because of its high corrosion resistance.
But in the long run, just like any other roofing materials, Colorbond roof colours can also tend to fade or get damaged due to different factors. But can you repaint a Colorbond roof?
The answer is YES! But there are things to consider before making your roof restoration plan.
Read further to find out more!
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What is Colorbond Roof?

A roof system comprised of metal components is called Colorbond roofing. It has excellent durability, resistance, and permeability. Except for entirely flat roofs, Colorbond roofing is becoming a more popular and cheap option for practically all roof types.
In addition to sheet metal and curved sheet metal, there are also metal tiles available nowadays that blend in with conventional roof tiles composed of brick, concrete, and other materials. A coated steel roofing material, Colorbond, is becoming more and more common in Australia and worldwide. It will improve any home and is exceptionally sturdy and resistant to all weather conditions.

Can You Repaint a Colorbond Roof?

It’s a common misperception that Colorbond roofing cannot be painted. In reality, this is a myth. If the right paint is used and an expert does the job, Colorbond may be recovered and repainted.
Painting your Colorbond roofing is possible, but it needs a specific paint and method. A homeowner cannot complete this procedure on their own. Since Colorbond steel employs a multilayer coating method and needs the proper preparation before painting, the process is similar to repainting a car and requires caution.
You will end up paying more money in the long run if you hire an inexperienced to paint a Colorbond roof.
When topping up old paint, you must also use the proper paints that precisely match the original Colorbond colours to ensure a flawless match.
How Much Does it Cost to Repaint a Colorbond Roof?
Without replacing or restoring the entire roof, painting your Colorbond roof is a cost-effective approach to revitalizing it. To ensure that no other locations require our attention, we thus advise obtaining a thorough check from your trusted roofing expert before repainting.
Your colorbond roof repainting cost depends on different factors, which include:
  • The state of your roof currently and whether it needs to be repaired for any significant concerns like rust
  • Size of your roof – The larger the surface area, the more expensive it will be to paint.
  • Your roof’s design might affect the price, including its intricate design.
  • Accessibility – depends on how challenging it is to get to your roof
  • Steepness – in some instances, access equipment may be required if it is too difficult to stand on.
  • A single-story roof is generally less expensive than a double- or triple-story house due to its lower number of stories.
It’s vital to know that repainting a Colorbond Roof is not a work that the typical homeowner can complete and shouldn’t be a DIY goal. An expert familiar with Colorbond and its specialized paints should complete the lengthy, drawn-out process. This significant element will also affect how much a Colorbond roofing paint costs.

Signs Your Colorbond Roofing Needs to be Repainted

  • Challenging stains to remove
  • The appearance of your house is impacted by colour fading and becoming less bright.
  • Paint that has been exposed to the weather is flaking and bubbling.
  • Scratching and flaking caused by damage from objects like branches, animals, etc.
  • You may feel the impacts of exposure to seawater if you reside close to the ocean.
  • To improve the aesthetics of your new home, you want to alter the roof’s colour.

Type of Paint To Use to Repaint Your Colorbond Roofing

Specific supplies designed particularly for colorbond roofing are needed for colorbond roofs. This job is for pros; you can’t just use old paint.
If you were to paint your roof with regular paint, it would quickly start to fade and peel off. Industrial roof coatings are the finest option if you’ve opted to paint your colorbond roof to restore its colour. However, doing it yourself is not advised.
Painting a tile or concrete roof is quite different from painting a colorbond roof, which is altogether different. It may be compared to painting a car because it requires specific prep work before applying many layers of these specialized colorbond materials.
How to Paint Your Colorbond Roof

Step 1: Have your roof conditions inspected.

Always start by having a clear understanding of your roof situation. What seems to be a deteriorated Colorbond roof maybe be contaminants that need to be pressure cleaned. What appears to be peeling paint may be rust. Usually, however, this is not the case, as most roofs are either faded or just worn. Having a skilled Colorbond roofing expert evaluate the state of the roof.

Step #2: Getting ready for pressure cleaning

Once it has been established, whether you are simply altering the colour of your roof or it has to be repainted, the roof is then pressure washed using specialized detergents. The flow of an industrial pressure cleaner will disintegrate the oxidized paint, leaving a surface that will maximize the adhesion of the fresh paint. This step of preparation is vital. Before priming, a particular rust treatment may be given if the roof has moderate or surface rust. Lack of proper cleaning and preparation might cause paint to peel and result in poor adherence.

Step #3: Roof priming

The primer components will provide the maximum paint binding on the bare metal surface. The primer is sprayed at pressure for improved adherence using an airless spray cannon. Some Colorbond roof paints don’t need priming since they are self-priming.

Step #4: Painting the Roof

Created explicitly for metal and steel roofs, Colorbond roof paints are water-based acrylic membrane paint. These paints are carefully sprayed with an airless sprayer for an even finish. Other application techniques are not permitted since they will reduce the adherence of the paint for Colorbond roof materials. Your roofing contractor in two coats will apply the membrane coating before being given time to cure completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Colorbond roofs can be repainted, so if you want to change your colour scheme or need to paint your roof to match new home colours, talk to a roofing professional about the best paints to use for your roof and how to paint a Colorbond roof.

The finest roof colours to choose from if your home is beige to cream are black, brown, grey, and blue. If your home is brown, you can select from black, green, brown, or grey roof colours. You’re in luck if your home is white since any colour of the roof may complement it.

Corrosion resistance is a design feature of Colorbond. However, after several weeks or months, Colorbond will begin to rust due to prolonged exposure to moisture, such as soil compaction or rainfall pooling. While significantly damaged panels should be replaced, minor scratches are best left alone.

Due to weather conditions like intense sunshine and frequent rain, metal roofs might eventually discolour. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to modify the hue. Repainting is advised every ten years or so.

Roof painting requires skill. An expert knows how to carry out the task correctly and honestly. They have the training and credentials required to work at heights safely and effectively. A beginner may overextend themselves, which may result in an accident.

The Final Thought

Suppose you have a fading Colorbond roof or are moving into a home with a Colorbond roof, and the existing colour doesn’t fit your style. In that case, you may repaint the Colorbond roof to bring it back to like-new condition and extend its lifespan for many more years.

Painting over Colorbond roofs is a perfect method to change the appearance of your home while retaining the initial installation’s advantages.

However, it is still the best idea to continuously seek expert advice from roofing specialists. This can save you from more problems in the future.