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ELR Plumbing, Pakenham’s metal roofers, can remove your old roof and replace it with a beautiful new Colorbond roof. Colorbond roofing is Australia’s most popular roofing material, with a wide spectrum of colours. You may make your home’s street appeal the envy of the whole neighbourhood. Our high-quality metal roofing services are offered to everyone in the community, including homeowners, builders, and business owners. We can safely state that we are unrivalled. Colorbond and Zincalume Steel are two materials that we are happy to provide. We strictly adhere to Australian Building Regulations, only use top Metal Roofing supplies, and promise that all work will be completed on time.

Metal roofing, sometimes known as tin roofing, is made of two types of steel: Zincalume and Colorbond. It’s very straightforward, but the key distinction is more or less the colour. Zincalume roofs have the classic aluminium ‘tin’ appearance, whilst Colorbond has a wider range of colour options. We provide high-quality roofing services at unexpectedly low prices. Whether you want a corrugated roof, a metal roof, or something completely different, talk to our award-winning staff about your options. Colorbond roof installation is one of our strengths at ELR Plumbing. Metal roofs are sturdy and long-lasting, and Colorbond metal roofs are also adaptable and attractive. 


With this high-quality roof maintenance service in Pakenham, you’ll get the results you want at a reasonable price! On every work, ELR Plumbing’s skilled team of specialists brings their expertise and know-how. But it is our attention to detail and responsiveness to each client’s specific demands that truly distinguishes our metal roofing services from the rest of the industry. ELR Plumbing’s crew is ready for any work, at any time, with the competence and experience that our Pakenham clients have come to expect. Customer satisfaction is our first concern, thus we always stand by our work.


An energy efficient Pakenham home uses less energy, emits fewer glasshouse gases, and uses less nonrenewable energy resources. It may also provide cleaner, healthier living circumstances. An energy efficient home may also result in financial savings. Metal roofs are more energy efficient and need less maintenance than other roofing materials. A metal roof functions as a natural insulator, whereas asphalt shingles float around the ambient temperature. Whether it’s hot or freezing outdoors, a metal roof may help you save money on electricity. ELR Plumbing is the answer to your home’s rising energy expenditures and bothersome roof leaking. In Pakenham and beyond, we instal Colorbond roofing, do metal roof restorations, install and repair gutters and downpipes, and perform metal roof maintenance.


Everything you need to upgrade your roofing and drainage systems is right here. We are a reputable and reliable roofing and gutter installation, replacement, and repair company that serves both residential and commercial customers. With our high-quality services, we want to make your premises more dependable and safe. ELR Plumbing evaluates the water flow characteristics of your house gutters and then gives you honest advise on what’s going on and all of your alternatives for repairing or replacing your gutters so that your roof rainwater system works properly. We take pride in our exceptional workmanship and utilise only the best quality materials for our guttering, downpipes, and fascia products, as well as ensuring that all work is completed on time and to the greatest standard possible. For commercial, residential, and industrial buildings in Pakenham, a strong, durable, and well-maintained roof provides extra protection, privacy, and security, making your area more pleasant, safer, and healthier to live in.

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That Colorbond Look

With 22 colours in the Colorbond® range, you can choose a roof colour that complements the design of your home and increases its value.

Colorbond Protection

Strong, secure and energy smart, Colorbond® steel is tried and tested in Australian conditions to deliver outstanding, long life performance.

Colorbond Speed

Our clean, friendly and professional team will install your new roof quickly and with minimal disruption to your home.


Our services include:

  • Roof replacement
  • Roof plumbers
  • Metal roofing
  • roof repairs
  • Colorbond roofing installation
  • Roof installation
  • Commercial roofing
  • Metal roofing for businesses
  • Metal roofing for homes

Roofing Service Locations:

  • Nare Warren
  • Rowville
  • Hallam
  • Glen Waverley
  • Seville
  • Chirnside Park
  • Woori Yallock
  • Mt Evelyn
  • And more


ELR Plumbing, Colorbond roofers Pakenham, is a roofing and roof plumbing industry leader. Customers in Pakenham and the wider Victoria region may rely on us for roof restorations and installations. Our customised roof repair method starts with roof cleaning to identify key leaking locations. Roof restoration may save you money and time if you don’t wait for your roofs to degrade to the point where they need to be replaced. Our Pakenham roofing experts can assess your roofs to discover, rectify, or prevent problems from recurring.

Colorbond Roof Restoration – Clients want a Pakenham roof repair for a variety of reasons, including leaks, preparing for winter, selling their property, or just changing the colour of their roof. We provide roof restoration services Pakenham for Colorbond roofs for any cause. Without regular maintenance, roof repairs Pakenham save you money in the long term. A thorough roof restoration will not only give the outside of your roof a new appearance by replacing and fixing broken components, corrosion, and other concerns, but it will also reveal any hidden issues that would not have been discovered otherwise.

Tile To Metal Roof Conversion – People seek to convert older type tiled roofs to modern metal roof coverings for a variety of reasons. Mainly, it’s because metal roofing like Colorbond offer more benefits than tile roofing! Less maintenance, lower costs and easier installation and restorations. Every day, these conversions take place, and there are several companies that offer a high-quality service. The transformation extends beyond the roof covering. Because of the large weight difference between a tiled roof and a metal roof, the roof ties downs must be reviewed to guarantee that the roof remains in place during a major wind event. Roof conversions are always subject to council permission. Engineer considerations of the roof tie down requirements are required for council approval. ELR Plumbing, Pakenham roofers, will make sure your tile to tin roof conversion goes well from beginning to end!

Roof Plumbing – A roof plumber will keep the structure of the building safe by preventing water from pooling on the roof. Roof plumbers have specialised training and experience in dealing with roofing systems that most interior plumbers lack. Roof plumbers have specialised height training and understanding of roofing systems. When it comes to a huge high-end architectural roof or large commercial/residential roof replacement, we make your life easier by utilising numerous trades to finish the project.

Colorbond Roof Installation – A weary, sagging roof will undoubtedly reduce the value of your property, but even an aesthetically pleasing roof that poses a risk of harm to your home will not help matters. Every house buyer expects a roof that protects their home from harm, is cost-effective, and beautiful. And this is where metal roofs still reign supreme! When the time comes to replace your present roof, don’t hesitate. ELR Plumbing offers cost-effective Colorbond roof installations that are smooth and problem-free. Our roofing services are unbeatable because we provide client happiness at a fraction of the cost! 



For a variety of reasons, Colorbond is a household name in Australia. Colorbond is used in most Australian homes for roofing, cladding, and fence. Colorbond steel offers you a variety of beautiful finishes to complement your house, as well as fire safety, energy and environmental efficiency, minimum maintenance, and Bluescope Steel guarantees. Learn about the advantages of a Colorbond roof and why it’s one of Australia’s top metal roof materials in Pakenham and other Melbourne districts.

  • Resistant to Temperature Fluctuations –  Weather in Pakenham may be unpredictable throughout the year. As a result, your roof must be able to endure weather variations. Colorbond roofs provide insulation to keep your house warm or cool in every season. Colorbond roofs are made of thermally efficient steel that employs Thermatech technology.
  • Locally Made – Colorbond steel products are made in Australia, rigorously tested for Australian conditions, and supported by BlueScope Steel Ltd, one of the country’s leading steel producers. For your piece of mind, BlueScope Steel and Lysaght provide broad product guarantees. Your roof might be covered by a guarantee for up to 36 years, depending on the application, location, installation, and a variety of other criteria. Obtaining a warranty is a straightforward process that your Pakenham roofer can assist you with, and Bluescope’s team is available to answer any questions or issues you may have about the equipment you purchased.
  • Environment-friendly – Australians take pleasure in the fact that Colorbond is an economical and ecologically sustainable roofing material. Colorbond roofs are pre-cut prior to installation, resulting in less material waste on-site and reduced environmental effect during the construction process. When you pick a Colorbond roof over the competition, you can feel good about helping the environment while having a high-quality roof for your house.
  • Minimal Maintenance – When it comes to Colorbond upkeep, the keyword is “minimum.” Bluescope suggests cleaning the surface with clean, fresh water at least every six months – or more frequently if you live near the seaside – to extend its life and preserve its look. Colorbond roof installations Pakenham are distinctive due to the steel’s polish, which helps to prevent chips and fractures in the colour. These roofs were designed to withstand the severe Australian climate. If you want a noncombustible roof that can resist all forms of weather, Colorbond is the finest choice for your home.


Since its survey in the 1850s, the township has been known as Pakenham, possibly in honour of General Pakenham, who participated in the Crimean War. Pakenham is one of Melbourne’s fastest expanding suburbs, with outstanding schools, retail, and two different train stations, making it an ideal spot to live or invest. New home projects, including as the Lakeside, Heritage Springs, and Cardinia Lakes estates, have enhanced Pakenham’s population and infrastructure, making it a key growing region in south-eastern Melbourne. With the fast-paced growth and development of Pakenham, it is not hard to see why people from neighbouring suburbs and other regions are building homes in Pakenham. Choosing the location of your home is one thing but building your home with the highest-quality materials like Colorbond is another. ELR Plumbing, metal roofing contractors Pakenham, can assist new homeowners in building their dream home through Colorbond roof installation, tile to metal roof replacements, roof plumbing, and so much more. 

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.



Metal roofing is increasingly becoming the most popular choice for Pakenham residents. Many of our clients have made the conversion from tile or shingles to metal and are pleased with their decision. Once you go metal, you’re never going to go back! 


It’s only natural to employ steel for roofing while constructing an outside project. There’s no need to be concerned about exposure to the elements or its durability being damaged, as would be the case with conventional roofing materials. In comparison to tiled roofs, Colorbond just requires an occasional wash down for cleaning. Colorbond does not require re-painting because to the corrosion, durability, application, and outside exposure testing that has been done. You can be confident that the beauty and lifespan of your new roof will not be harmed by the strong sun or rain. ELR Plumbing, Colorbond roofers, are your best choice if you ever require Colorbond roof maintenance for your Pakenham house!


One of ELR Plumbing’s goals is to develop exemplary customer relations by building an unbreakable bond through honest and quality workmanship. We are not the kinds of roofers that will go out of their way to overprice their metal roofing services while delivering quality that does not meet the clients’ expectations. To earn your trust, we are offering a transparent and no-obligation quotation for all our potential clients before taking on a roofing job. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Many individuals are wondering about the cost of installing Colorbond roofing in their home. Although the initial prices are more than other roofing materials, they are well worth it in the long term. Corrugated iron roofing ranges in price from $13 to $18 per square metre. Colorbond with a powder coating costs roughly $22 per m2. Colorbond is around $24 per m2 when double-sided. Colorbond Ultra is around $37 per m2.

Using bleach directly on your roof is not recommended since it can cause major damage and discolour metal roofs over time. Because bleach contains corrosive chemicals, it can react with metal and create stains and even rust. The most frequent cleaning products for Colorbond roofing are chlorine and salt solutions.

Your metal roof will handle expansion and contraction if it is correctly planned and built, as it will be by the metal roofing professionals at ELR Plumbing. When the sun shines on your roof, it warms it up. As the timber expands, it travels, rubbing against other wood pieces that aren’t moving as quickly. The popping noise is caused by this movement. While you could hear a few pops here and there, they won’t be very loud and won’t linger long.

Colorbond is one of the most robust, long-lasting, and low-maintenance roofing materials available. It’s made of high-tensile steel and is both sturdy and light. Metal roofing is available in two thickness ratings. The 0.42 BMT standard and the thicker 0.48 BMT standard.

Lichen is caused by the mutual reproduction of algae and fungus. If lichen damages your roof, its estimated life may be drastically reduced, and your roof may need to be replaced sooner. Another incentive to remove lichen is that if it isn’t removed, your homeowner’s insurance premiums may rise.

A metal roof sealant is necessary for a newly installed metal roof. To guarantee good sealing, butyl seam tape is usually applied over the joints and seams between the metal panels, and butyl caps are placed over all nails and fasteners. Roof sealing costs an average of $1,234 and normally ranges from $453 to $2,016. You may pay as little as $100 or as much as $3,200 or even more. That works out to $0.65 to $5 per square foot on average.

Some roof materials are far more resistant to heavy winds than others. The most wind-resistant option is a metal roof, which can withstand hurricane-force gusts of up to 160 mph. Metal roofing systems are more expensive than inexpensive shingles, but they endure longer and are more robust than other roofing options. Metal panels, asphalt shingles, and concrete tiles are the three roof materials that are most resistant to severe winds. Because metal panels interlock and overlap when linked to their metal roof underlayment, metal roofs provide exceptional wind resistance.