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Colorbond steel has become a distinctive aspect of Australian architecture, from the desert to the city. For some, it’s the colours, for others, it’s the capacity to accomplish technical performance in a design that can’t be achieved any other way, and for still others, it’s Colorbond steel’s intrinsic ability to help a building blend in its surroundings. Over the last 45 years, Colorbond steel has evolved into one of the world’s most modern building materials, and it has become Australia’s most popular roofing brand. Its popularity stems from its sleek and attractive appearance, as well as its longevity and thermal effectiveness.

Gutters, downpipes, and fascia do more than just give your property a nice look. They are crucial components that can help safeguard your home from severe stormwater damage. That’s why choosing Colorbond steel for your rainwater collection system gives you peace of mind. We understand, however, that your guttering system must not only function effectively but also look attractive and offer an artistic finishing touch to your roof and home. These 22 gorgeous colours were created to perfectly match the colour of your Colorbond steel roof. You can be confident that your entire roof and guttering system will continue to work and look great for years to come because of its proven longevity and low maintenance attributes.


The town of Yarra Glen is situated in the rich Yarra Valley. It is surrounded by vineyards and is rapidly becoming a popular commuter belt region for Melbourne residents. Because the region is notably affluent, the region’s major attractions include elegant cellar doors, outstanding wine tasting experiences, fine restaurants, and impressive boutique grocers. Many more attractions are adjacent to the ancient town of Yarra Glen, including the classic Yarra Valley Dairy and the new Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery. Victoria’s premier winemaking region in the Yarra Valley. Whatever your preferences, there is wine for you in the neighbourhood. Discover the cellar doors that have made this magnificent touring region famous.


Colorbond Ultra is Bluescope’s answer to homes and commercial properties that are situated near coastal areas. Homes that are built by the ocean are more prone to rusting because of the saltwater. Colorbond Ultra steel was created with the goal of combining long-term durability with outstanding corrosion resistance. Colorbond Ultra steel is ideal for harsh marine applications, with a metallic coating mass of AM150. 

Metal Roofers Yarra Glen

Although you should always speak with a metal roofer in Yarra Glen, it is possible to maintain a metal roof without their assistance. Metal roofing may be more difficult to repair due to the nature of metalwork, and corrosion and other damage may occur if an inferior product is used, depending on the climate and the type of metal roofing utilized. A metal roof, on the other hand, usually demands less upkeep. Because of the weight and bulk of metal roofing panels, installation can be difficult, to say the least. For a project like this, a professional Colorbond roofer should be consulted and, most likely, engaged!


We use our years of roofing experience in Australia to provide you with helpful advice on roofing colours, profiles, and installation tools. With many years of experience in the industry, we are willing to lend you our knowledge at no additional cost. When it comes time to replace the roof of your Yarra Glen factory or warehouse, take advantage of the opportunity to invest in a long-lasting material. Colorbond roofing offers all you need to keep your structure operational at all times while remaining cost-effective. It is likely that difficulties will arise if you do not inspect your roof or use a lower-quality material. Do not risk losing production time and throwing away damaged products when your warehouse gets destroyed by roofing leakage! Call ELR Plumbing for your commercial and industrial roofing requirements! 

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That Colorbond Look

With 22 colours in the Colorbond® range, you can choose a roof colour that complements the design of your home and increases its value.

Colorbond Protection

Strong, secure and energy smart, Colorbond® steel is tried and tested in Australian conditions to deliver outstanding, long life performance.

Colorbond Speed

Our clean, friendly and professional team will install your new roof quickly and with minimal disruption to your home.


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When deciding between metal and shingle roofing, metal roofing is the more complicated alternative, requiring specific procedures, professional installers, and more pieces/parts to succeed. That being said, metal roofing is more widespread than you may expect or notice, especially if you reside in an area prone to severe weather. Metal roofing, in addition to lasting decades longer than asphalt shingles, provides the versatility and diversity of alternatives that most other roofing materials do not.

Shingles – Shingles are normally sold in sheets, stacks, or rolls and are mostly similar in appearance and composition—ceramic granular upper surface and smooth asphalt layering over a fibreglass foundation. Shingles are the most cost-effective alternative for roof construction and replacement since the materials in them are inexpensive and the cost of manufacturing them is minimal. They’re also the simplest to install and won’t require any specific skills or training to apply properly; any Yarra Glen roofer will understand how to operate with them.

Metal Roofing – A metal roof is a type of roofing system made of metal pieces or tiles that has great resistance, impermeability, and lifespan. During a wildfire or lightning strike, metal roofs will not spark and ignite into flames. Energy conservation. Metal roofs reflect the sun’s UV and infrared light rays, which contribute to radiant heat on the roof surface, resulting in a 10-25 per cent reduction in cooling expenses. Metal roofing has a proven track record and unique characteristics such as low weight and interlocking panels that make it extremely durable in harsh weather conditions. So, if you reside in a location that is prone to severe winds, hurricanes, hail, scorching sun, ice, snow, earthquakes, or firestorms, metal roofing can provide excellent protection.


Benefits of Colorbond Installation Yarra Glen


Although tile roofing may appear to be less expensive at first glance, there are other costs to consider. Extra insulation and upkeep are the two most common complaints among business owners. Colorbond eliminates the need for additional insulation because it is already integrated into the metal sheets! In terms of upkeep, Colorbond roofs normally require very little following installation. Of course, you should always do annual roof inspections to ensure that your roof is in good shape. The Colorbond warranty guarantees that Colorbond roofs will survive for 20 years on average. We’ve seen them last much longer at ELR. While the initial expense may be concerning, having a Colorbond roof built will end up saving you money in the long term. 


When you have a Colorbond roof installed, you can be confident that your property is in good hands.  Colorbond roofs are made up of five layers of steel. Colorbond roofs, as a lightweight material, create minimal to no weight strain during and after installation. This roof design also offers wind protection and fire prevention. Colorbond steel is subjected to corrosion, durability, application, and outdoor exposure testing. There are almost 12,000 panels on exposure around Australia as part of the evaluation study, ranging from mild to very severe marine settings, and from tropical to industrial regions.


Colorbond steel roofs are quite versatile when it comes to industrial or commercial roofing, as well as residential roofing. A Colorbond roofing solution can be adjustable to the design due to slopes and unusual shapes on industrial roofs and unique Yarra Glen residences. Finally, this simplifies installation considerably. When compared to Colorbond, many other materials are not as pliable or workable. Colorbond not only gives your home a modern and minimalist appearance, but it also comes in a variety of tints and colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your home and install it right away. Furthermore, roof sheeting is available in a variety of profiles to perfectly match the architecture of your home.


Roof plumbing encompasses all plumbing work related with roofs, gutters, and down pipes. When completing a roof inspection, your roofing contractor should always check your gutters and downspouts. They’ll inspect both of them for cracks and open seams to ensure their integrity. They’ll then examine for any obstructions or restricted flow that could cause debris or vegetation to back up. A roof plumber may be an excellent option to address concerns such as pooling water on the roof or water coming down the roof in a few areas. Those seemingly little issues can sometimes deteriorate and lead to far more serious issues in the future. Look no farther than the specialists at ELR Plumbing for a skilled and dependable Yarra Glen roof plumber. We have built a good reputation and have been well-known for offering professional, cheap, and friendly commercial and industrial plumbing solutions for decades in Yarra Glen and the surrounding suburbs.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.


Cut your energy costs dramatically when you use thermally efficient roofing materials such as Colorbond steel. During the scorching hot summer months, a lightweight insulated roof made from Colorbond prevents the transfer of heat into your home because it has a low thermal mass that allows it to cool down rapidly once the sun has set. Colorbond steel combined with Thermatech® technology, as well as proper insulation, can help buildings retain greater thermal comfort throughout the year. It’s common knowledge that lighter colours reflect heat better. Even the deeper colours in the Colorbond steel range offer sun reflective capabilities thanks to Thermatech® solar reflectance technology, which may help your building stay cooler. You don’t have to worry about the dreary and cold winter months because the very same roof made out of Colorbond has the right insulation to trap the heat to keep your house warm and toasty. The level of insulation of Colorbond roofing will also depend on the colours that you choose. Hotter seasons recommend lighter colours because they radiate less heat. 


A new metal roof will give you peace of mind, and a great new look, boost the value of your home and improve the overall aesthetic of the home. A roof replacement by ELR Plumbing will breathe new life into your Colorbond roof. We take great pleasure in our work and re-roof your home with high-quality Colorbond products because they last. With a variety of colours and profiles to pick from, you’ll be able to find a roof sheet design that complements your property. With a variety of colours and profiles to pick from, Colorbond gives your home a modern flair. It not only looks great, but it also incorporates the most up-to-date roofing and insulation systems for maximum comfort and peace of mind in all weather.


We work in consultation with our customer, you know whats going on, we provide clear outlines of the roofing project, an accurate timeline of the roof plumbing works, a clear roofing cost, so you can be best informed, then everyone is happy. ELR are more than roof plumbers, we’re also experts in the field. We can be part of your roofing project from the beginning and will guide you throughout the process using our systems that are based on attention to detail and quality service.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Colorbond’s five-layer construction, on the other hand, keeps it looking like new for considerably longer. Colorbond’s five-layer protection system consists of the following components: A steel base made to Australian specifications. A layer of Bluescope metallic coating to improve corrosion resistance. Colorbond steel, on the other hand, can corrode more quickly if exposed to moisture or certain chemicals over an extended period of time. At the end of its 50-year existence, it was found within 5 kilometers of the ocean.

When combined with Zincalume steel or Colorbond steel, some regularly used metals can induce accelerated corrosion due to a phenomena known as galvanic corrosion. Copper and lead are two examples of these metals. Copper pipes and lead flashing should never come into touch with Zincalume or Colorbond steel. If the architecture of the building allows water to run from the lead flashing onto Zincalume or Colorbond steel, it should be coated.

The steel Colorbond is compliant with the. When in use, it complies with European REACH regulation1 (EC) 1907/2006 and does not emit any harmful compounds.

Colorbond is one of the most robust, long-lasting, and low-maintenance roofing materials available. It’s made of high-tensile steel and is both sturdy and light. Metal roofing is available in two thickness ratings. The 0.42 BMT standard and the thicker 0.48 BMT standard.

Metal roofing has built-in bushfire resistance, in addition to Colorbond’s specially manufactured bushfire resistance. This is due to the fact that it provides fewer access places for embers and sparks into your roof.

It’s generally safe to walk on a Colorbond steel roof. However, safety precautions should be followed, such as wearing soft rubber-soled shoes and taking any essential safety precautions when working at heights. It is never recommended by the ELR Plumbing crew. There are several issues to consider when it comes to your own safety and the protection of your roof from harm caused by walking on it.

To figure out how many sheets you’ll need, multiply the length of your roof by 0.760. For example, a 6.0m long structure has 6000 / 760 = 7.89 sheets. The following step is to round up to the nearest full number, which in this case is 8. To get more accurate computations, seek advise and consult ELR Plumbing, one of Melbourne’s leading metal roofers.