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Commercial roofs aren’t the same as residential roofs; in fact, they have just as many alternatives, if not more, in terms of procedures, materials, and upkeep. Big box businesses, strip malls, and residential complexes, to mention a few, are all protected by commercial roofing Dandenong. Their purpose is similar to that of a home roof, but everything else about them, from the materials used to the needed upkeep, is radically different. The design, development, installation, and administration of commercial facilities are all covered by a Dandenong commercial roofing system. It’s also known as corporate roofing or institutional roofing. Commercial roofing firms include producers of roofing materials, architects of roofing systems, and industrial roofers Dandenong who install, repair, and maintain commercial roofs.

Changing your business roof takes a significant amount of effort and money. Choosing the proper roof repair service and the best materials may be tough for most owners, regardless of expertise. You can rely on ELR Plumbing to keep your structure safe and secure by providing the best Dandenong commercial roofing available. ELR Plumbing’s industrial roofers are highly qualified and have extensive expertise of commercial and residential roofing jobs. Commercial roofs that are installed and re-roofed by ELR Plumbing may last for many years and are guaranteed by the strongest warranties available. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact ELR Plumbing right now!

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That Commercial Look

You may pick a roof colour from the Colorbond® range of 22 colours to suit the style of your building and boost its value.

Commercial Protection

Colorbond® steel is a strong, secure, and energy-efficient steel that has been tried and proven in Australian conditions to ensure great, long-term performance.

Commercial Speed

Your new commercial roof will be installed swiftly and with least inconvenience to your house by our clean, courteous, and skilled staff.


Colorbond steel is one of the most technologically advanced pre-painted steel products for the construction sector in the world. Colorbond steel is developed to give good steel base strength, corrosion resistance of 55 percent Al-Zn Alloy coated Zincalume steel, and innovative paint technology that delivers great durability with resistance to peeling, chipping, and cracking. Our team of roof replacement Dandenong specialists at ELR Plumbing has decades of experience and will get the work done perfectly the first time. We provide tile to Colorbond roof replacement, business metal roof replacement in Dandenong, Colorbond roof re-roofing, and metal roof installation services.

We are the industry leaders in total re-roofing and metal roof replacements for both residential and commercial sites in Dandenong. Colorbond steel is a flexible, lightweight, robust, and visually beautiful alternative for practically any type of structure and environment, according to architects, designers, builders, and business owners. When compared to other roofing sheet manufacturers, Colorbond steel stands out. It aids in the realisation of dreams with its selection of over 20 colours and profiles. Colorbond steel is the ultimate Dandenong industrial roofing option, no matter how complicated your design requirements are.



To save money on upkeep and repairs, commercial establishments in Dandenong require long-lasting roofs. Roofs are susceptible to a variety of damages caused by dampness, weather, and even falling debris from adjacent trees. As a result, the roofing material utilised should be durable and resistant to harm from the elements. Consider metal roofing options given by ELR Plumbing, commercial roofing contractors Dandenong, whether you’re still developing your business building or preparing to replace your current roof. Building owners are increasingly discovering that metal roofing has benefits ranging from lifespan to energy efficiency, allowing them to save both time and money.

  • Time-saving – The time it takes to complete the roof repair is perhaps the most essential advantage of Dandenong business re-roofing over a full commercial roof replacement. While business roof replacement Dandenong is an excellent alternative for roofs that are not suitable for repair or re-roofing, it is a time-consuming operation. Your metal roof will need to be scraped before a Dandenong roofing contractor can replace the old covering of metal roofing during a full roof replacement. You will have lowered the amount of work time necessary by 50% or more by cutting the time it takes to remove the original roof. This is a significant benefit for Dandenong building owners who want to fix their roof with minimal downtime.
  • Longevity – In terms of both upfront cost and company impact, a commercial roof repair is a big investment. The use of long-lasting roofing materials such as metal decreases the number of roof replacements required during the building’s lifetime. Metal roofing is praised for its extended lifespan in addition to its resilience. Traditional asphalt roofing materials have a 10- to 20-year lifespan. A metal roof may last anywhere from 40 to 70 years, depending on the material and how well it is maintained.
  • Low Maintenance – In the long term, metal roofing solutions are more cost-effective than traditional roofing materials. Metal roofing’ low maintenance, extended lifespan, and energy efficiency lower your maintenance and operating expenses. You free up monies that may be used for other business-critical purposes. Preventative maintenance aids in the prevention of leaks in the first place. This implies fewer repair visits, allowing you to budget for routine roof care rather than relying on emergency funds.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.

Because of its Thermatech technology, which permits improved solar heat absorption, Colorbond metal roofing materials are significantly better at transporting heat than dwellings and other types of roofs.

Pressure washing roof tiles is one of the most prevalent techniques of cleaning them, yet this is a controversial procedure. The strength of the water stream can remove the finish of the roof tiles, so using a high-powered pressure washer could do more harm than good. With the correct pressure, a suitable cleaning solution, and dependable metal roofers, a pressure washer can clean practically any roof safely and effectively.

Pressure washing any kind of roof will take approximately 2 to 5 hours depending on the size and state of the roof. Roofing contractors like ELR Plumbing are best to call for any roof cleaning job because they know roofs inside and out. 

Metal roofing like Colorbond roofing can be walked on because they are durable and made to withstand all kinds of elements. Although possible, it is a must to take every precaution whenever there is a need to get on the roof. Wear protective gear and practice safety measures all the time. 

The cost of installing a metal roof varies substantially. It will be decided by a number of factors, including the size, labour costs, and materials used, among others. Depending on the type of metal roofing installed, prices for homeowners can range from $5 to $14 per square foot. The most common type of metal roof is steel, which costs an average of $35,516 on a $1,800 square foot home. Getting roofing installation costs from ELR Plumbing, business roofers Melbourne, is typically a smart idea.

Felt underlayment is not an effective air barrier and provides minimal resistance to air and moisture vapour movement. In dry or arid locations, architectural metal roofs with felt underlayment are best suited for structures with adequate slope and minimal moisture loads.