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Thermatech Technology 

BIueScope’s innovative, exceptional, cutting-edge, and leading attributes are shown in the creation of Clean Colorbond steel with Thermatech. We are working to build a future that is pleasant not just for humans, but also for the environment, using our Thermatech solar reflectance technology. You now have the power to modify the landscape to fit both your architectural vision and conscience for your home and commercial properties, thanks to Clean Colorbond steel’s renowned durability, colour retention, and flexibility.

Activate Technology 

The unique composition and microstructure of four phases, including aluminum-zinc and two specific magnesium compounds, are the driving force behind BlueScope’s proprietary Activate technology. The next generation Colorbond and Zincalume steel provide a self-sealing effect with the unique composition and microstructure of the four phases, considerably improving corrosion resistance at cut edges, screw holes, and scratches. This technique safeguards projects in harsh environments such as the marine and polluted industrial environments, allowing them to survive the test of time.

Commercial Roofing Bayswater, Bayswater industrial roofers, ELR Plumbing
Bayswater Industrial Roofers, Commercial roofers Bayswater, ELR PLumbing

That Commercial Look

You may pick a roof colour from the Colorbond® range of 22 colours to suit the style of your building and boost its value.

Commercial Protection

Colorbond® steel is a strong, secure, and energy-efficient steel that has been tried and proven in Australian conditions to ensure great, long-term performance.

Commercial Speed

Your new commercial roof will be installed swiftly and with least inconvenience to your house by our clean, courteous, and skilled staff.


The process of replacing an old roofing system with a new roofing system is known as commercial re-roofing. The major advantage of this method is that it may significantly increase the life of a building’s roofing system. Commercial re-roofing may also enhance the aesthetics and insulation of a structure.

Do I need a commercial roofer?

One issue that many company owners and property managers have is whether or not choosing a commercial roofer is important. Is the distinction between commercial and residential roofing really that significant? Working on a home vs. business roof, believe it or not, is a major difference, and commercial roofing generally need different licence.

It’s vital to keep your commercial roof in Richmond in good shape. You cannot afford to have your business disturbed as a building owner or property manager. Thousands of dollars in sales, man-hours, and opportunities can be wasted in only a few hours of downtime. That’s why ELR Plumbing, commercial roofers Richmond, specialises in re-roofing occupied business buildings with little downtime. In high-wind zones and regions with changeable climates like Richmond, we collaborate with building owners, engineers, architects, and roofing experts to deliver the most accurate quotation for roof replacement projects. 

For a wide range of organisations and institutions throughout the Richmond region, ELR Plumbing has been the preferred source of commercial roofing repair and installation services. Local retail malls, apartment complexes, and assisted-living facilities have all turned to us for commercial roofing services. We have the skills, supplies, and resources to deliver the Richmond commercial roofing installation, roof replacement, or roofing maintenance services you require, regardless of the sort of commercial or industrial property you have.



The success of your business roof, like other large investments, is dependent on adequate upkeep. Maintenance of your new business roof helps detect problems before they become big difficulties. While there may be some short-term expenditures associated with roof care, investing in continuous maintenance now can save you money and extend the life of your new roof. You may be confident that you are protecting all of your important items within the building by doing routine maintenance.

Residential roofing differs from industrial roofing. ELR Plumbing, our roofing business in Richmond, has the expertise and knowledge to repair or replace any roof on a manufacturing or industrial structure. We can handle any work, big or little, and we have a long list of happy industrial building owners and managers. We provide commercial roofing services to a lot of industrial building owners. Many types of industrial roofs can be repaired by Richmond industrial roofers, ELR Plumbing. We also understand that roof inspections and repairs on industrial buildings might be more difficult. We have a track record of retaining long-term clients among these sorts of business owners. To be successful and trustworthy in the business, we create long-term working relationships with our clients.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.

Because of the availability of free electrons to absorb photon energy without experiencing energy transitions or bond breakdown, metals are virtually completely unaffected by UV. UV rays, on the other hand, harm the exterior surface of your metal roof, weakening it within. While most metal roofs are constructed to be long-lasting and sturdy, sunlight may still damage them. We can’t dispute how advantageous a metal roof is. UV rays, on the other hand, can cause harm.

Yes, vinegar speeds up the rate of corrosion on metal roofing. Vinegar accelerates rusting because it includes a dilute form of acetic acid; the acid’s positive hydrogen ions take electrons from iron, ionising it and making it rust-prone.

Lichen can be quite damaging, eating away at concrete roads, sidewalks, and other structures and leaving holes in their wake. It may also eat away at the paint on gutters and metal roofs. This is permanent damage that will be costly to fix.

If you can’t get rid of lichens on your Colorbond roof with just water, we recommend using detergent and bleach. It is a simple and efficient approach for removing lichens, algae, and fungi from the environment and it is also a cheap way to get rid of them! 

Metal roofing is low maintenance. Most metal roofs do not require deep cleaning every year. They require extremely little maintenance due to their high-performance features. To keep your roof looking its best, we recommend deep cleaning it every 2-3 years, depending on your environment. If you don’t want to clean your metal roofing on your own, you can always seek the help of professional roofers like ELR Plumbing. 

Roof algae is a typical source of streaking and stains. Gloeocapsa magma, a form of algae, is responsible for the dark hue that looks as a black stain. When algae spores clump together, a kind of bacterium called a growth emerges.