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ELR Plumbing increases a property’s value and enhances its appearance through Greenvale reroofing. Make sure to consult a roofing specialist specialising in re-roofing services when choosing the sort of re-roof you should choose. There are many different kinds of roofing systems, each with a wide range of each types. You will have a variety of alternatives to pick from, including slate, shingle, tile, metal, and flat roofing. Make sure in advance that you make a well-thought-out selection and select the best re-roofing business with the most competitive reroofing cost accessible before selecting for any form of re-roofing Greenvale. If you’re in need of a reroofing service, ELR Plumbing is the one to call. 

There are several indicators that a reroof is necessary. How many of these questions do you find yourself agreeing with? If so, you might want to think about getting in touch with a Greenvale reroofer to inspect your roof and provide you with a cost estimate for re-roofing.

  • Are your roof repairs becoming too frequent? 
  • Have you noticed broken, missing, or cracked tiles? 
  • Are your energy bills increasing lately? 
  • Has your roof exceeded its maximum lifespan?

That New Roof Look

You can't beat a quality new roof, adding security to your home and value for that matter

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The roof is a critical layer between your home and the elements, a new roof will provide better protection for your home

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We specialise in roof replacement, we have a solid process and quality checks are always performed methodically

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Tips for a Successful Roof Replacement Greenvale

A new roof replacement is a significant home improvement undertaking. Because of this, homeowners must do their due diligence before making any decisions on the job, including the roofing type, colour, and contractor. Here are some tips on how to have a successful roof replacement in Greenvale. 

Only hire certified and reputable roof replacement contractors: Getting a recommendation from a trusted source is the best approach to discovering a roofing contractor. Ask your neighbours, friends, relatives, and coworkers to find out if they’ve personally had a roof installed or if they know of anybody else who has. To ensure you get the best roofing services in Greenvale, it is also crucial to check for licences and certifications.

Choose a roof replacement material suitable for your home: If you make a sensible choice, the material you use for your roof may provide you with years of quality and style. Additionally, you can wind up with a roofing material that requires more upkeep than anticipated during installation.

Do a roof inspection before, during, and after roof replacement: Take note of the site before roof replacement begins. Make sure that the roofing materials you have chosen are used, and regularly check the progress of your Greenvale roof replacement. 

We specialise in residential, multi-family, and commercial roofing as a prime roofing contractor. For years, we have successfully fixed difficult and simple roofing issues in Greenvale and the surrounding areas. Thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering top-notch Colorbond roof replacements, metal roof replacement we have had the chance to develop enduring connections with our customers. Our customers count on us as skilled and reputable roofing contractors in the Victoria region to deliver the best roofing solutions for their roofing projects. Contact our roofing team today. 


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One of the most acceptable methods to safeguard your home, improve its appearance, and raise its worth is to re-roof it. Your home will be much more pleasant to live in with fresh, crisply coloured shingles and roofing sheets, and people will notice. Re-roofing your house is an investment that will pay you for years in the form of security and comfort.
We are a Greenvale roofing company that offers a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential services, such as installing Colorbond roofs during new construction, replacing metal roofs, and performing Greenvale reroofing. Although our company is built on the principles of honesty, quality, dependability, and safety, we think that the secret to the success of any project is developing a solid team connection with each of our clients. ELR Plumbing provides first-rate service with affordable roof replacement costs you can rely on whether you need a repair, refurbishment, tile to tin, re-roof, or a new Colorbond roof in Greenvale.

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.


20 kilometres north of Melbourne’s CBD and inside the City of Hume local government area lies the suburb of Greenvale in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Prior to 1868, the region presently known as Greenvale was a part of a larger region called Yuroke. The Broadmeadows Town Hall first mentioned “Greenvale” in a recorded entry from 1863 that same year.
The Deep Creek Road, then known as Greenvale Road and Somerton Road, was the location of lands owned at the same time by Messers Hatty and Michie and was identified as “Greens Gully” in records made in 1863. Greenvale, approximately 10 minutes from Melbourne Airport, was formerly considered a semi-rural suburb with greater agricultural holdings north of the town centre (past Somerton Road). The conversion of three of these farms into a new housing estate is now proposed (the farm adjacent to Aitken College is called “Hacienda”). As a result, Greenvale will continue to see residential growth, with several new estates popping up inside the suburb and surrounding communities like Attwood and Bulla. There are both new and historical developments in Greenvale. The big and elegant mansions in older regions have earned them the nickname “The Toorak of the North.”