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Commercial and Industrial Roof Replacement Rowville

At ELR Plumbing, we provide professional Rowville commercial roof inspections and repairs to assist company owners in maintaining the aesthetics and value of their commercial properties. You may have peace of mind knowing that your business assets are preserving their aesthetics, structural integrity, and value by scheduling periodic commercial roof inspections and maintenance. Here are the top 5 reasons you’ll require commercial roof replacements in Rowville:

  • To protect your business and your employees
  • Maintain or improve the property value of your building 
  • Save money on avoidable repairs 
  • Damage from solar panel installations
  • Prevent further damage to your roof
We can assist you if you operate a business in Rowville, be it a major office complex or a humble corner shop. As experienced commercial re roofers, we can repair your roof swiftly and effectively with the least inconvenience. If you need a business flat roof replacement or a commercial sloping roof replacement, we can handle it because we work on several roof types. In addition to being informed and experienced in what we do, we are dedicated to your industrial or commercial space’s safety and meeting all of your roofing demands. Before beginning any services, we provide a free business roof assessment to make sure your roofing issues are fully resolved at once.
Excellent commercial and Rowville industrial roofing are available from ELR Plumbing on schedule and within your price range.

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If you have been in your Rowville house for between 10 and 20 years, you should be planning for a new roof replacement soon. You might want to consider the optimal time of year to undertake this larger home improvement job, depending on the kind of roofing, metal roof cost, and the date of its most recent repair. Weather, temperature, regional environment, and appointment accessibility are just a few variables that may affect the replacement of a roof. While each season may have advantages and disadvantages, a roof replacement can be completed at any time of year if left in the hands of a qualified home roofing contractor in Rowville, like ELR Plumbing.

The greatest time of year to have a new roof installation, or at the very least to have repairs made to your current roof, is in the fall. Autumn offers fantastic weather because it gives you plenty of time to prepare for the chilly air, brutal snow blizzards, and bone-chilling ice. It comes after the scorching summers and before the brutal winters. If you intend to work on your roof, get in touch with our Rowville roofing team at ELR Plumbing as soon as possible. They will need time to gather a crew and be ready to begin a job at your house. For all your metal and tile roofing needs, call us.



Your roof choice is one factor that will determine how long your home will last. This is why choosing the suitable material for your Rowville home and business is an important step in any roof installation. Australians pick Colorbond as their number one choice for new roofing, and it is not difficult to understand why. Colorbond offers unmatchable protection from Australia’s harsh climates because it has been tested and designed for Australia. It is also unique because Colorbond roofing offers five-layer protection that makes it durable, sustainable, and long-lasting. 

First Layer: It has a steel base that adheres to strict Australian standards. 

Second Layer: Bluescope’s Activate Technology coating is applied for added corrosion protection. 

Third Layer: A pre-treatment layer is applied. 

Fourth Layer: Application of a corrosion inhibiting primer 

Fifth Layer: An exterior grade paint of Thermatech is coated so that the roof is resistant to chipping, cracking, and scratches. 

Before beginning any Colorbond roofing replacement work, we work hard at ELR Plumbing to ensure that every one of our clients completely understands what is involved in any tile-to-tin roof replacement or roof restoration project. You will work directly with one of our seasoned area managers, who will be delighted to offer you professional guidance and a free, no-obligation quote right away. 

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.


In 1838, James Clow founded his pastoral run “Corhanwarrabul” and farmhouse “Tirhatuan” at Wellington Road and Dandenong Creek. Yet its current name did not appear until the twentieth century, like many other Knox neighbourhoods. Due to its location in the Narre Warren parish, it was once considered a part of Narre Warren, but in the early 1870s, it was included in Lysterfield. Nick Bergin, a local blacksmith, proposed the name “Rowville” in 1903 as a tribute to the Row family, whose property “Stamford Park” had served as the neighbourhood’s focal point since the 1880s.
The Stud Park Shopping Centre, situated at the intersection of Stud Road and Fulham Road, is the primary commercial hub of Rowville. Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, and more than 60 specialist shops like two hair salons, a pharmacy, two travel agencies, banks, a veterinary clinic, and several dining establishments, are all located there. It is a top option for anyone looking to move to a new suburb since it offers about 1500 parking spots and is frequently served by bus services.