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What You Need to Know About

Colorbond Reroofing Homes Wonga Park

What is Re-roofing? 

Re-roofing is the process of removing the old roof covering, fixing any structural issues (including replacing roof trusses, support battens, or purlins), replacing the underlay, and then putting up a new roof covering. When you replace your roof, it’s a good idea to fix any rot or water damage that may have occurred in the roof structure, walls, or ceiling. Replacing your roof can save you a lot of money in repairs to the home’s interior and foundation down the road.

What are the benefits of a reroof? 

A roof with even a few little leaks, fractures, holes, or other forms of damage may develop into a major problem if you let it go unrepaired. Your home may sustain severe structural damage if you don’t address these issues adequately. Moisture may cause decay, mildew, mould, and even impact a building’s fundamental foundations. Repatching could be wiser and more cost-effective if your roof needs to be repaired in a few small, isolated spots rather than replacing the entire thing.

Your house is your fortress; thus, you are entitled to a roof that will protect it. We at ELR Plumbing, with service locations in Wonga Park, Hallam, Greenvale, Oakleigh, Frankston, and beyond, are aware of this and think that in addition to being sturdy and useful, your new roof should also be attractive and the best value for your money. For many years, we have been building and maintaining roofs on homes around Wonga Park, and as any of our hundreds of grateful clients will confirm, we take pleasure in our work. Choose ELR Plumbing for your next re-roofing project. 


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That New Roof Look

You can't beat a quality new roof, adding security to your home and value for that matter

New Roof Protection

The roof is a critical layer between your home and the elements, a new roof will provide better protection for your home

New Roof Speed

We specialise in roof replacement, we have a solid process and quality checks are always performed methodically

When Do You Need an Emergency Reroofing Wonga Park

Because roof issues seldom go away on their own, emergency roof repair is occasionally required. When there is water involved, roofing issues only get worse with time. The simple truth is that you probably require emergency roof repair if you spot a problem that might potentially harm your house or place of business. Having said that, a few warning signs should prompt you to contact our Wonga Park re roofing company, ELR Plumbing, right once to arrange for a repair.

#1 Roof Leakage

#2 Missing Tiles or Broken Metal Roof 

#3 Gutters are damaged 

#4 Mould, Mildew, Plant growth 

#5 Damaged flashings and underlayment

The roof of your house serves the vital purpose of protecting the building’s occupants, the things inside, and the environment outdoors. Because of the durable roof metals, tiles, and superior finishes we use, ELR Plumbing can handle both routine and emergency roof repairs. Call our roofers at ELR Plumbing as soon as you suspect you may need an emergency roof repair in Wonga Park to prevent more damage and metal roof replacement cost. We also provide a free consultation if you haven’t had a roof assessment in a while. Call us.



Clay Tile Roofing

Clay roof tiling may give homeowners a long-lasting and attractive appearance. Many clay roofs just need occasional care, and others can survive for centuries. In comparison to similar materials like terra cotta, baked clay, moulded concrete, or slate, this makes clay a feasible alternative.


 – Longevity, durable, excellent insulation properties, weather-resistant


– Heavy, needs more maintenance vs metal roofs, expensive

Metal Roofing

Silicon-coated steel, corrugated galvanised steel, stainless steel, stone-coated steel, copper, zinc, and aluminium are used for roofing. The invention of metal roofing materials, such as tiles, shingles, slate, and wood shakes, only dates back to the 20th century. They can be made to resemble natural slate, wood, and traditional asphalt tiles, just like composite and cement goods, but they can last a lot longer.


– Low maintenance, Durable and robust, Long lifespan, offers sleek and modern style, flexible to suit your designs, weather and corrosion-resistant


– Expensive, may be noisy, prone to dents, metal expands and contracts in extreme weather conditions

We provide a full service in new roof installation and re-roofing and we are licensed to give you expert advice and peace of mind.


Wonga Park is a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Greater Melbourne that lies outside the Melbourne Metropolitan Urban Growth Boundary area, 28 kilometres (km) to the northeast of Melbourne’s CBD. It is governed by the local governments of the Cities of Manningham and Maroondah and the Shire of Yarra Ranges. In Wonga Park, 3,843 people were counted in the population in 2021.
The grazing tract known as Wonga Park is whence Wonga Park gets its name. Simon Wonga, the property’s owner, was also a Wurundjeri elder.
Orchards, pasture fields, and forested areas all coexisted in the region. It was a part of Mooroolbark until the late 1880s when an insurance firm and other interests acquired the site. The Wonga Park Land Co. subsequently sold the land. After the subdivisions in Croydon and Mooroolbark, which were on the Maroondah Highway and a railway line, came the residential development of Wonga Park. The ancient village community has expanded residentially, including the Anglican church, hall, sports facilities, fire station, and a few stores.
With its superb neighbourhood and beautiful treescape, this peaceful small suburb is like a rural hamlet within the city. The natural bush backdrop and tranquilly are lovely, yet they are all near shopping and other excellent amenities. A fantastic spot to bring up a family.